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Monday, 16 July 2007

Heavenly Sword demo is ready to roll

Ninja Mikey of the Ninja Theory team announced on the official forum that "the dev team has finished work on the demo.. that's it... it's in the bag... so now it's a case of Sony deciding when they feel is the best time to release it to PlayStation Network."

Great news!

As far as the game is concerned, he also reveals "The Ninja team is now in the closing stage of development. We are quite literally fixing bugs and then it's done. In fact today is Saturday and a large proportion of the team are all in the office fixing those bugs".

Not long now people - the Heavenly Sword demo is nearly upon us!

[Update] - Looks like it will be available on the 26th July in Europe... nice.

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Blogger Nick said...

Do you know if this is coming stateside this week? If there was one thing I wish there was MORE coverage of on Kotaku or PS3fanboy or this site, it would be PS Store Updates. If there was only a way to find out what was coming to the Store before it came, maybe on Wednesday. Every Wednesday, all PS3 owners would know what will be available for download.

I'm going to mention to people at Sony next week that I think they should have PS Store specials. People who want to buy 3 games at once can add a fourth game of equal or lesser value for FREE! Buy 3, Get One FREE!

And the same for Movies and other stuff when more is available. Right now the majority of stuff is games and free crap.

18 July 2007 06:53  
Blogger DolphGB said...

I didn't realise we were getting it later than you.

I'm doing my best to get proper release dates for PS Store titles but Sony seem to be tight-lipped on the subject.

There's some good news coming re: VoD via the PSN, so that might help boost the level of decent content. I still want to see global releases for everything though, rather than the up-to-a-month delays we've been experiencing on games and demos whilst the US and Japan enjoy them...

18 July 2007 21:19  

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