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Friday, 27 July 2007

Heavenly Sword - Nariko proves size doesn't matter

Us men have been telling women for years that size really doesn't matter.

Amazingly the first proof that they're actually listening to us comes from a fictional, computer-generated woman called Nariko.

The Heavenly Sword demo that weighed in at a massive 1Gb yesterday is in reality a very short but sweet experience.

It took me less than five minutes to run through the demo first time around. This is certainly no 'button-masher' like God of War - the game Heavenly Sword mostly is compared with - since the control mechanism requires more finesse than that.

You just about get used to the different 'stances' and the 'auto-block' mechanics when the demo abruptly ends and you are sent flying back to the main menu.

Although it is a shame the demo is over so quickly, the visuals look more stunning in full flow than I imagined they would (even after seeing all the trailers) and the gameplay feels excellent.

Whilst the 'controls' menu explains how the SixAxis will be used (controlling the camera and the flight of objects such as arrows) it would have been nice to include this in the demo so we could get a feel for it.

But overall the demo does make me feel like I want more rather than feeling cheated. You could say Nariko is just teasing us...

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Reesimo said...

Hey Dolph, just wanted to let you know that you can control items that you pick up to throw in the demo. Pick up an item by using the X button. Tap X again to release it. But if you hold down X after picking up something, you'll be able to go into a first person mode and steer with the controller. It's more fun to throw boddies :)

27 July 2007 18:28  
DolphGB said...

Cool - I didn't know that. In fact, I'm totally unhappy at the moment since I've been working so hard I've only managed to play the demo twice through so far!! Look out for better and more extensive opinions once I get to play it some more soon!

27 July 2007 21:09  

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