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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

In-game XMB will come to the PS3 - Sony listening to us

Some people are reporting that the long-awaited in-game XMB access will be coming along in the next update. Mind you, some people are still reporting that it came along in this one!

I'm less optimistic, since I've seen what it takes at the sharp end to actually develop and test this stuff.

But the important news is that Sony are listening and they are developing the features we want to see. On the official PlayStation blog the following statement has been added to the recent firmware announcement:

Also, I noticed a lot of your comments were directly related to accessing XMB features in-game. We understand this is something you want and we are working on it. For the sake of keeping all the comments below on topic, please understand that we hear this request and are working toward a solution. When I have some more info to share on this, know that I will do so here on this blog.

Excellent news and very welcome too. Thanks Sony!

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