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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

In Japan, Peter Moore is a kettle; calls the PS3 a black pot

Xbox boss Peter Moore came out with even more figures today. Remember, MS are good at figures. They spent a good ten minutes or more dazzling the press with numbers during their keynote and generally like to tow the MS line of quoting statistics everywhere they can.

Not that there's anything wrong with that approach except when you make statements like he did today.

I built a business plan for Japan but I don't think my expectations in Japan were anything close to what Sony's expectations are. They are failing. They're missing their plan by much more than I'm missing my plan.
Well, if your plan was to only sell 400,000 units in Japan across 20 months Mr. Moore, I'd suggest you're not exactly telling the truth. I remember clearly that your Japanese Xbox 360 business manager Yoshihiro Maruyama said in December 2005 that you'd sell 1 million units in Japan by the end of 2006. It's Summer 2007 and you're still not half-way there.

And whilst it is true that Sony may not have grabbed the Japanese market yet in the way they would have liked, they've sold 1,000,000 units over there in just 7 months.

According to 'Video Game Chartz' the Wii has managed close to 3,000,000 units in Japan across about 7 months, which is very different to the '6:1' figures Peter claims in his interview with GameDaily.

For a man who is only 40% of target with an extra six months of sales added on to the original deadline, it's quite bullish to be calling anyone else a failure.

A case of the pot calling the kettle black Mr. Moore?

[Update] And as was widely rumoured during the day, Moore has now officially resigned and taken up his new post at EA Sports.

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Anonymous said...

that is exactly what i said when i read that article

17 July 2007 21:16  
Anonymous said...

As noted, the Wii has outsold the Ps3 in Japan 3:1 so far. His 6:1 figure was the June sales. In May it was 5:1, and in April it was 4:1.

What bothers me the most is how the first week demand for the PS2 (800k sold, with another 200k pre-ordered) is as much as seven months of PS3 demand.

18 July 2007 03:44  
Nick said...

Wouldn't you UK guys put it this way:
"Good riddance to bad rubbish"

Or is that a region-free saying? Everything is region-free on Hah, hah, hah.

Well, unfortunately, EA is one exit away from my house, and I'll probably have to see him at some point on the road if he's stationed in California. I will point and laugh for all PS fanboys around the world!

He'll soon be dealing with Sony people on various EA projects. Looking forward to the Half Life 2 Orange Box game thingy.

18 July 2007 06:47  
DolphGB said...

Good luck with that Nick!

Go the whole hog and throw a few tomatoes at him as he drives by...!

18 July 2007 21:16  

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