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Friday, 13 July 2007

In the US? Want to pay LESS than $499 for your PS3?

PS3 Attitude's man in the US has found another way to get a PS3 for less than $499.

Though many developers have been complaining that Sony's recently reduced pricing for the PS3 isn't enough, sales would prove otherwise for the 60Gb model. Amazon posted a 2800% increase in sales of the PS3 within a day of the price cut. Other websites and retail stores across America are seeing the same trend. Many stores in the San Francisco Bay Area around me are sold out as of the moment the price dropped. I even found a few stores with employees that say they didn't even know the price dropped until the units they had in stock suddenly were sold right in front of them within seconds!

Well for those developer-disbelievers there is another price point they are overlooking. Its the refurbished market. Hop over to and you can pick up on a refurbished 60Gb PS3 for around $475.

That's right! A whopping $20 less than anyone else! But hey, now it's the same price as the M$ machine that will guarantee to break within 3 years.

I have to say this looks like a great deal. As we know, the PS3 is ridiculously reliable so getting a refurbished model that was probably just a return rather than a faulty box seems like a good idea. You can put the money you save aside for the forthcoming PS Eye...

[Thanks to KosmoCrisis]

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