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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Making of the PS3 exclusive, Lair, reveals story and PS3 capabilities

In this new video detailing the making of Lair a few details jump out at you.

Firstly, it is revealed that the storyline includes a world where the environment has taken over, and Factor 5 elude to the fact that they wanted to bring in a parallel with the environmental issues we face today. The story also includes a character who is 'fighting a war he doesn't want to fight'. More real-world parallels.

What is most interesting to hear is how Factor 5 have only managed to get 90% of what they wanted to achieve done in time for release, and how they have only managed to figure out how to get to 50% of what the PS3 can do!

So, hundreds of dragons, thousands of troops, real lighting effects with sunrises and sunsets, real fog, realtime water etc. etc. and they're only at 50% capacity. Looks like the future for PS3 is brighter than ever...

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