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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

News from the PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo

As we heard from Kojima-san at last week's E3 keynote, he is showing a real demo of MGS4 in Tokyo today.

While we wait for any video footage we can get our hands on let's wrap up the rest of the news from today's PlayStation Premier press event.

First up, we found out after the demo that a new Metal Gear Solid title is coming our way! Kojima-san announced they are producing a PS3 version of the online game that was included in MGS3 Subsistence. It looks like they will show this at the MGS 20th Anniversary Party next week in Tokyo.

Tekken 6 is announced as a full online title. We know that we are going to get an updated Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection title on the PS Store soon that will provide online battles, so this isn't a great shock.

News from the floor is that Final Fantasy XIII is only 13% complete at this time! But that's ok, since Final Fantasy Versus XIII is supposedly less than 2% complete, so in comparison they're storming ahead.

Grand Turismo 5 Prologue, as announced at E3, is supposed to be arriving in October.

White Knight Story will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show which is being held in September.

And my favourite news of the day - LocoRoco for the PS3 is on the way. Slated for release via the PS Store in the near future (it is 95% complete) the tentatively titled "Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco" will feature over 200 LocoRoco characters and full use of the SixAxis as its control mechanism.

Check back soon for the MGS4 demo video assuming I can get my grubby mitts on it!

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Blogger Nick said...

Yeah, I think Namco is going to rely on the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection update with online play to get an idea for what to expect as far as the various dirty connections people have. I noticed the other day that The Darkness on PS3 asks you first what your connection speed is before the online portion even begins. This specifies how many people you can play against. It's an interesting way to do that.

You won't need that for a one-on-one, though lag is not an affordable trait when it comes to online fighting games. Example: CVS2:EO on original XBOX or Mortal Kombat Deception. Both fighters sucked when playing against laggers. But it was all because of their network code and the way the game handled packet loss.

I'm definitely buying the update for Tekken for the offline stuff actually!

18 July 2007 06:42  
Blogger DolphGB said...

I'm probably holding off buying Tekken 5 Online but I get your point about lag. When you have games like Virtua Fighter where the actual FRAME makes a difference to your defence or attack opportunities, there's no way that lag can play a part.

It'll be interesting to see how fighting games stack up online.

18 July 2007 21:14  

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