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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Rock Band drum kit looks sweet

Check out this picture of the Rock Band drum kit.

Harmonix have said that if you can master the drums in Rock Band on expert mode, you should be able to go play real drums in real life. That makes the PS3 more like a University of Life, with Rock Band as your professor. Wow!

We know from the video Viacom keep pulling from YouTube that you can use proper drum sticks on this thing so it's likely to be built to last. Can't wait to get my rhythm on this Christmas...

[via G4]

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Nick said...

I'll join you. I'll kick ass at Guitar Hero II. Expert Mode is a cinch.

18 July 2007 20:57  
DolphGB said...

You bet! I fact since I believe it's possible to collaborate across the PSN to create a four-piece band in the game, we can hook up with a couple of our regular PSN Friends and rock the roof off!!

18 July 2007 21:12  
Nick said...

We'll have to do that. That way you can see my awesome skills. It would be cool if they could also use the new PS Eye camera instead of the 3D background for your part. So you'd be able to see me rock'n out with my wireless PS3 guitar controller. And if others could ghost our performance. It would be like we were putting on a concert for spectators.


19 July 2007 04:00  

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