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Friday, 6 July 2007

Why Sony is right to apologise and move on.

Sony announced an apology to the Church of England today regarding the use of Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man.

They also said the cathedral will never appear in another game.

And that's the end of the matter as far as Sony is concerned.

I have to say I believe that's the right approach. The CofE's demands for a donation don't make sense to me.

In the eyes of the Church surely something is either right or wrong. It can't be wrong one minute but made right after a reasonable donation. That would be hypocritical and would tell the world that the Church was just after the money in the first place, wouldn't it?

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Anonymous Reesimo said...

I think it's just bullshit anyway. They were obviously looking for money in the first place. It's best that Sony handled it the way they did. I wonder what took them so long though. After the White House was destroyed, The Golden Gate Bridge ripped apart, and the exploding of Big Ben, this one Church wants to collect money. Organized religion never strays too far from the collection plate.

06 July 2007 23:31  
Blogger KosmoCrisis said...

Being from the US and seeing this all unfold from a distance has me at a slight disadvantage when it comes to politics overseas. Although, from what I understand, I'd have to agree with how Sony has handled the whole church issue. And for once, I actually believe them. I don't think anyone intends to piss the church off, let alone one of Manchester's status.

By the way, what is it's status??? Is it a big church? Do a lot of people attend this church regularly? Are there a lot of crazy religious folks who scream and cry as if they are being touched by God him/herself? This would be all of the southern churches around Texas if so.

07 July 2007 05:27  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Hey Kosmo and Reese - thanks for dropping by...

Manchester Cathedral is one of the major Church of England buildings in the UK.

It's none of your 'evangelical hoopla' stuff though - all very sombre.

If you want to know how dull church can be in the UK, try finding a torrent of the 'popular' Sunday TV show "Songs of Praise" and you'll get the picture. :-)

07 July 2007 13:47  

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