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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Fatal Inertia demo now not coming this week

You know, when you get dozens of news tips a day from your friends, colleagues and partners from all over the world, sometimes you make a mistake.

And this is one of those times.

Yes, we should have sought out the original press release and not gone on the N4G news link.

Yes we should have spotted that the supposed release date wasn't 'on a Thursday' and so it was unlikely to be true

Nevertheless, the Fatal Inertia demo isn't coming to the Euro PS Store this week as we reported. Koei have themselves have come out and said it is not going to be available on the PS3, so it must be true!

Maybe Sony could release the now-ready-and-has-been-for-some-time Ratchet & Clank demo instead... please!

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Anonymous Reesimo said...

No worries, friend. This is the internet after all :)

17 August 2007 02:01  

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