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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Locoroco Cocoreccho is just an 'interactive screensaver'

This may not be as bad news as it seems, but I've got to tell you I'm mightily disappointed.

One of my favourite games of recent years, Locoroco, is getting it's first outing on the PS3 in the very near future.

The catch?

All the marvellous gameplay seems to have gone and the official word from SCEE is that Locoroco Cocoreccho is "an interactive screensaver".

Instead of tilting the ground with the Sixaxis or shoulder buttons as you'd expect, the new gameplay mechanic has you controlling the Locorocos by interacting with the little flying blobs they used to collect in the PSP version.

I am sure it will still be fun. I am sure it will still make me smile. But something tells me this isn't going to be the PS3 Locoroco experience I was looking for...

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Anonymous Reesimo dammit! said...

It looks horrible! Who did this? Why would anyone do this? Why not use the sixaxis? Someone should die for this treason. Die in a fire!

30 August 2007 10:55  
Anonymous Ohnhai said...

Let's hope this is just a time-filler and Loco-engine test, Let's hope that we can look forward to a full world tilting PS3 Loco Roco adventure in the near future

31 August 2007 04:41  

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