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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Motorstorm additional content imminent

Keep your eyes peeled; new tracks, a new 'weekend pass' and new vehicles are on their way for Motorstorm.

Direct from our friends at Evolution Studios comes a scan of the current marketing campaign that SCEE are putting out in the printed media, and the latest UK Playstation Network email update lists Vehicle Packs 1 & 2 plus the Coyote Revenge weekend pass as 'on the horizon'.

Coyote Revenge is a new track that reverses the existing Coyote track. Also rumoured to be in the weekend pass is the Eagle's Nest track, which was shown at E3.

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Johan said...

I love my Motorstorm, but the pack seems a bit meek, especially with the cheapness of just reversing a track.

29 August 2007 23:40  
DolphGB said...

Well, the reversed track isn't just reversed - they've worked on the track elements and made it a different experience. And don't forget that Eagle's Nest is expected to be part of the pack too, so that's two tracks. I think it'll be a good value update on balance...

30 August 2007 00:32  
Pixelated Scraps said...

Dammit. Where the hell is the split-screen multiplayer? Thats the only thing stopping Motorstorm from being a truly great racing game...

30 August 2007 04:01  
lenooh said...

i completely agree with Pixelated Scraps. i miss more singleplayer modes (practice, single race, custom number of opponents, etc.) and split screen.

they should fix that first.

30 August 2007 12:33  

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