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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Open letter to my life... (Warhawk has arrived in Europe)

Dear life,

Your time is up. Warhawk has arrived in the UK and Europe (albeit a couple of days later than everywhere else) and I'm sorry to inform you that you've had it. Game over.

You see, life, Warhawk is just so gosh darn good that I don't see any way that I can stop it taking over and kissing your ass goodbye.

And that goes for all the games I'm currently mid-flow on too; sorry to The Darkness, God of War II, Super Stardust HD, Okami, F1, Motorstorm, Resistance, Oblivion and others - your time will come, but that time is not now.


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reesimo! said...

Congratulations on your newest acquisition, Dolph. I saw that you and a few other friends on my list were playing it. I was busy babysitting. I was in the beta and I loved it, but I'm not sure I'll buy it. I WILL be picking up Heavenly Sword on day 1, though. Have fun!

31 August 2007 01:29  
Anonymous said...

the game is great. im not playin it this second though cause im tryin to download the stupid ass Tekken add-on and its not workin. keep freezin at certain spots.

Sean P.

31 August 2007 03:15  

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