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Sunday, 12 August 2007

PS3 so indestructible even The Terminator is impressed...

In an incredible test of courage, the PS3 recently took on a number of tests in the name of science to find out if the much-lauded 1% failure rate that some high street stores had experienced was fact or urban myth.

PS3Vault ran the PS3 for 108 hours in each of the following environments:

A typical family room with a brutal temperature of 73 F
Four days in the back of a freezer van at 0 F
In a sauna with a cool 120 F air temperature

Did the PS3 flicker? Did it falter? Did it flop?


Awesome! The only downside to this, of course, is it doesn't bode too well for Sony's Continuous Play insurance scheme. After all, if it never breaks, why would you need to fix it!?

[Via N4G]

UPDATE: PS3Vault is suffering under all the attention this story has gathered, and have been suspended due to high bandwidth!

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