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Monday, 13 August 2007

PS3 Worldwide releases for week beginning 13th August

It is at this point when I'm usually explaining what PS3 gaming joys we have on offer at our local high street store or via our online shops.

But like last week, I can't.

Guess you'll just have to play The Darkness, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Super Stardust HD or string together multiple 5-minute Heavenly Sword demos until later in the month.

It's a good thing the list of AAA titles coming before the year end is so good, or I'd start losing my rag!

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Blogger KosmoCrisis said...

The US will see Madden 08 released tomorrow. It looks to be a pretty crazy week for football fans. And by football, I mean FOOTBALL! Not soccer. Who am I? I can't stand football, or soccer. Give me a good water polo video game anyday! We can take it online and train our goalies by punishing them with water polo balls as they hang from the net without defense.

Did you notice I spelled "defense" with an "s" instead of a "c"! That's how we Americans spell. I have to constantly change every word in every game when it comes from the UK! If it is "defence", it's "colour" or "recognise" or some other word with an extraneous "u" or a "s" where there should be a "z"!

Damn! Uh, sorry. I love localisation, I mean, localization.

14 August 2007 07:15  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Next you'll be maintaining that a certain 'element' on the 'elemental table' (which has been around since the dawn of time - well, almost) is spelt Aluminum instead of Aluminium. ;-)

15 August 2007 15:58  

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