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Friday, 17 August 2007

UK Warhawk pricing announced; looks fair

The forthcoming PS3 exclusive, Warhawk, is set to come to both the PS Store and your favourite high-street store this month.

Until now we only knew the US pricing, but UK pricing has now been revealed and I have to say I'm happy about it.

Warhawk will be £19.99 for the download version and £39.99 for the Blu-ray package (although GAME are listing it at under £35). The retail package will ship with a bluetooth headset in the price.

Since this is virtually a straight conversion between dollars and pounds (the US download is $40; £20.16 using today's rate) we're happy that on this title at least, the UK isn't being ripped off.

Personally, I'll be going for the download version. Bluetooth headsets don't work so well for multiplayer gaming in comparison to USB headsets. I'll stick with my wired device and go for the instant gratification of grabbing my copy from the PSN on the 28th August or thereabouts.

For your information, the retail version still shows a 14th September release date at the moment - we'll see what happens if and when the PSN version hits the Store this month.

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