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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

GT5 Prologue is priced; it's not free, but it's not bad

At the same SCEE Benelux event, it looks like GT5 Prologue has got a price.

Despite rumours saying it could have been free, GT5 Prologue is looking like it's going to weigh in at around 40 Euros, which is £27 (so probably £29.95) or $54.

SCEE are keen to ensure everyone knows this is a full game, like Warhawk. With 40 cars and 5 tracks to choose from (plus I expect they will double up by offering reverse tracks) it sure seems like a full release.

Since GT5 Prologue is a nice stopgap whilst we wait for the full GT5 release, having a price point that's almost halfway between 'free' and 'full price' seems fair to me.

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