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Friday, 28 September 2007

MGS 4 website gets a facelift

Seems to be a day for new PS3 websites.

The official Metal Gear Solid 4 website has had a particularly nice facelift, and contains a message from Kojima-san, details on many of the characters in the game and all the trailers - including the recent TGS 07 video.

As an aside, there are some rumours being bandied around the 'net today that Microsoft are preparing a major bid to get MGS and FF XIII on the X360. Whether they're true or just the usual tripe, I'm not sure. We'll keep an eye on things and will update you as soon as we find out.

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FUNNYMAN said...

Sony has exlusive rights to MGS 4 for now, but it might be ported to Microsoft in 2012. I don't care what console MGS 4 is on because I own both a 360 and PS3; I just want the game to be worth the wait.

07 October 2007 22:53  

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