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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

PS3 firmware v1.92 arrives; what's new?

If only we knew!

Seriously though, with the lack of a 'change log' or release notes for every update, it is hard sometimes to see what has changed.

Some users are reporting faster XMB load times.
Someone said that this release adds in support for 'flash wallpapers'.
GAP members are saying this release fixes freezes in Warhawk games.
Others are saying the web browser has been improved.
And I've seen at least one reference to fixes for those pesky PS1 titles that have been an issue, plus a fix for Lair controls (which affects the US right now, since Lair isn't in Europe yet).

All in all, a bug fix release with the ability to have flash wallpapers as well.

The only thing I do know for sure is that after I upgraded, most of the websites I tried to visit came up with a Network Error, but that could just mean I need to restart the PS3 or my router to fix it - I'll do more testing later.

What have you found so far?

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KosmoCrisis said...

Yeah, a lot of people in the states are having random connection issues due to the latest patch. PS3Fanboy talks a little bit about it. this may be what you've experienced.

I have not seen this at all, though I've been playing on my work station mostly and not so much from home.

I found a great website that breaks the language barrier between EU and US. It defines terms used in EU in US english and vice versa. Like "hella", that's a California thing. It means "a lot" for the most part.

That was my segway for the day.

Cheers, err laterz.

We should A/V chat sometime all talk about all the funky words we use and you use. To me, that's fun. Lair, not so much fun.

06 September 2007 04:56  
KosmoCrisis said...

Oh yeah, the XMB and the system CPU are functioning at 3 times the rate. As well, the web browser is faster than my iMac now!!!

Therefor, the PS Store is wicked fast now!

06 September 2007 04:58  
Randy (PSN: PrinterMan) said...

This is in reference to the network issues after upgrading to Firmware 1.92 If you launch the browser and delete cookies, cache and authentication cache(?), you should be good to go.

Not sure where I read that at the moment or I would give kudos to that person as it solved my problem. I couldn't login Warhawk until I did this.

Hope it helps.

07 September 2007 20:24  

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