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Thursday, 27 September 2007

PS3 Home 'Dress'; Project Catwalk, or Project Crapwalk?

Playstation Home is certainly keeping us all waiting with baited breath and the delay in launching the service that was announced at TGS 2007 definitely didn't help the situation.

However, positive news about Home and further details of additional content are still coming along, including the 'girl-centric' announcement that 'Dress' would be making it's way to the Home platform by next year.

Dress is a 'super avatar' service that allows the fashion industry to link up with Home by providing clothes for your character to wear. It's bound to be a 'premium' service that you'll pay for, but that's no bad thing.

Now, further details have become available courtesy of IGN and from a most unlikely source; Takamasa Shichisawa, the Director of Tourist Trophy. Why him? It turns out the basis of Dress comes from the biker loadout system where you could dress your biker in branded goods.

In the interview with IGN, he goes on to explain the four elements of Dress:

Dress Town is a virtual space where players experience the world of fashion. Sony is working with fashion brands to create digital shops, where players can experience all areas of their favorite brands through clothing, music, videos and interviews. This area of the game is meant to make you feel like you're actually moving around a shop.

Dress Studio lets you create your own fashion, selecting color, material, patterns and logos. It appears that the game will let players make their own brands. Sony is even looking into letting players send their designs away to have them transformed into real life clothing.

Dress museum is a museum of clothing history. It has some interactive elements where you gather famous scenes from movies and famous characters.

Dress park is a community space that's meant for players to communicate and exchange gifts, including clothing. Sony will hold official events and fashion shows here, giving players the chance to appear as models. Players can also organize their own shows based around their original brands.
There's no doubt that this is going to appeal to girls more than guys, and that's no bad thing. It is every console manufacturer's dream to find the 'silver bullet' that unlocks the female marketplace.

But if dress also offers your favourite brand of cargos to go along with the T-shirt you earned whilst playing GT5, who says that guys won't get all creative as well.

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