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Thursday, 20 September 2007

TGS 2007; GT5 Prologue trailer looks as good as ever

A new trailer for GT5 Prologue has been released at the Tokyo Games Show, and frankly it looks just like all the other trailers for GT5 Prologue have been remixed into this one.

Not that this is a bad thing - GT5 Prologue is looking mighty good.

Good to see at the end of the trailer an official release date and price. GT5 Prologue hits Japan on the 13th December via Bluray and PS Store download, and will cost around 4,500 Yen (about £19.50).

Check out the trailer below, or visit the PS3 Attitude YouTube Channel for this and many other PS3 videos.

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KosmoCrisis said...

I can't stand racing sims, but after I used a Logitech racing wheel on my PS3 and with the GT5 demo v1.2, it was awesome and actually playable for me.

You must play these games with the wheel. It changes everything. Find a way to get a Logitech steering wheel. The best is the G25, at $299 US, or the Logitech GT Force Pro at $129 US.

I used a Logitech MOMO PC steering wheel. As long as its USB it'll most likely work.

22 September 2007 12:00  

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