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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

PS3 exclusive Uncharted: Drake's Fortune goes gold in two weeks

Over on the official PlayStation Blog they've announced that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, certainly one of the most anticipated PS3 exclusives, is only two weeks away from going gold.

For those that don't already know, going gold is video game parlance for 'that's it, we're all done and the master disk is at the production factory'.

The QA team are working furiously in various locations to ensure they hit their deadlines, which is great news for a simultaneous worldwide release. So what do we know about this title already:

1. It's by Naughty Dog who gave us Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, so platforming credentials are all in place
2. You play Nathan Drake who believes he is a descendant of Sir Frances Drake, on the trail of the fabled treasure of El Dorado
3. We know the actual screens are not only as good as the 2006 'target render', in most cases they're better
4. Uncharted gives us rumble straight out of the box, so if you import a DualShock 3 from Japan in November, you'll get to feel the game without waiting for a downloadable patch
5. Nathan shows emotion throughout the game, so you can actually see the fear on his face when he is behind a wall that is being peppered with bullets
6. The game will run at both 720p and 1080i at 30 fps
7. Release date is expected to be late November/early December, with a demo available on the PSN just before release

All in all Uncharted: Drake's Fortune looks like another potential PS3 seller this Christmas along with a host of other AAA exclusives. Looks like everyone else's present money has already been spent - sorry family and friends!

You can pre-order this title from GAME right now.

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FUNNYMAN said...

Is the same team that did Resistance doing Drake?

10 October 2007 05:36  
DolphGB said...

You're thinking of Insomniac, who also did Ratchet & Clank. Insomniac and Naughty Dog used to share offices, but ND moved to a 'posher' part of the town after SCE bought them. Insomniac and ND still meet up for drinks though!

11 October 2007 00:16  
Broken Haiku said...

The game will run at 1080, period. Both i and p. Only upscaled though.

14 October 2007 00:47  
FUNNYMAN said...

Pre-ordered my copy the other day. November will be a great month with so many 360 and PS3 games.

16 October 2007 01:46  

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