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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

PS3 helps shift 1 million Blu-ray movies in Europe

Sony have announced that sales of Blu-ray movies in Europe have eclipsed the 1 million unit mark, and they largely have the PS3 to thank for it. Sony have said that the launch of the PS3 in March this year made all the difference to the format's success.

Blu-ray movies now make up around 73% of all HD movie sales in Europe, so BD is clearly leading HD-DVD in this particular region. It's fair to say that in Europe at least, Michael Bay is right on the money.

And it's not just Blu-ray movies that are doing well for the format. When you add in all the Blu-ray based games our favourite console enjoys, the total for all BD disk sales comes to over 21 million units.

That's a lot of blue in a short space of time, wouldn't you agree?!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"According to the latest data from NPD Group, Xbox 360 sales totaled 527,800 units in the US last month, the highest monthly total so far this year. That's nearly double the system's unit sales for August, which totaled 276,700. In typical fashion, the Playstation 3 trailed far behind both consoles, with 119,000 units sold in September." (Source

Methinks someone is seeing the world through black and silver tinted glasses!!!

28 December 2007 14:55  

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