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Saturday, 7 July 2007

New Haze video shows Free Radical have a sense of humour

At 12 minutes 21 seconds it's one of the longer demo videos you'll see pre-E3 but that's because much of the video includes Starsky & Hutch-style music and 'oh so funny' titles.

Once you do get through the opening sequence you'll be treated to some nice footage of how Haze is shaping up. I particularly like the concept of overdosing on the 'nectar' to the point where you can't control your fire or even distinguish foes from friends. Just like being in the real Army.

Of course Free Radical are well known for their sense of humour and have piled it into games like TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Thank goodness they released Second Sight somewhere in between or else they might have started getting typecast!

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Friday, 6 July 2007

Why Sony is right to apologise and move on.

Sony announced an apology to the Church of England today regarding the use of Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man.

They also said the cathedral will never appear in another game.

And that's the end of the matter as far as Sony is concerned.

I have to say I believe that's the right approach. The CofE's demands for a donation don't make sense to me.

In the eyes of the Church surely something is either right or wrong. It can't be wrong one minute but made right after a reasonable donation. That would be hypocritical and would tell the world that the Church was just after the money in the first place, wouldn't it?

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Have Viacom lost the plot?

Rock Band is one of the most highly anticipated titles this year. Taking the Guitar Hero format and adding in drums, microphones and multiple guitars is just a master stroke.

So when the first actual game play footage hit the 'net a couple of days ago everyone went crazy for it.

Dozens of uploads to YouTube later, ad the whole world seems to be talking about the game.

That is until Viacom pulled every last one of them. Viacom own MTV, who acquired Harmonix (the makers of Guitar Hero). And it's not the first time they've summarily pulled their content from YouTube. Viacom are well known for flexing their copyright muscles.

Do they not realise the buzz that's being generated by the footage? Other companies would be laughing all the way to the bank with this much free publicity. But alas Viacom have signed a deal with Joost so don't want their content on any other delivery platform.

You can still find the footage on YouTube (search for "rock band gameplay") as it gets uploaded and then blocked, and uploaded again...

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