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Friday, 5 October 2007

PS3 price drop and new 40Gb PS3 announced in UK

First we had the October 12th 'big bang' announcement rumours. Then SCEE said they weren't happening.

In the midst of the Internet meltdown we had GTA IV early release rumours - which we reported but took with a pinch of salt - and they were debunked by Rockstar.

Then yesterday, I got wind of an announcement in the UK about the 40Gb PS3 and a price drop for the existing model. I didn't bother putting it up since I was all 'rumoured out' for the week.

So today - of course - SCEE actually announced a new 40Gb model and price drop for the 60Gb model!

The new 40Gb model has no memory card slots, no backwards compatibility and only two USB ports.

Of course, you can pop a four-way USB port on one of those and get yourself five ports easily enough, and you can use one of those for memory sticks and external FAT32 formatted drives, so external storage shouldn't be much of an issue.

The lack of PS2 backwards compatibility isn't an issue in SCEE's eyes as 'later purchasers of the PS3 are less likely to need this'. With literally millions of PS2 owners still to 'upgrade' I personally think this is a misjudgement, but then the 60Gb model has come down in price for those people that need to access their old game library.

So, the 60Gb model now weighs in with a SixAxis controller and two first-party games for only £349 (about £75 cheaper) and the new 40Gb PS3 'lite' comes in at £299 as expected - both being released on October 10th in time for the Christmas rush.

All this comes on the back of repeated announcements that there would be no price drop before the end of the year in the UK, which is expected since that would have slowed down sales of the existing units as people would have waited for the cheaper 60Gb or 40Gb models.

This is all welcome news for the UK market and I'm looking forward to seeing how this accelerates sales of our beloved monolith across the region. After all (and analysts who predict the PS3 will rule once more in the future know this) if even 25% of PS2 owners across the globe 'churned' over to the PS3, Sony would be back in the number one slot again.

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Thursday, 4 October 2007

US PS Store updates for 4th October

So, what did the US get that we didn't this week?

Here's the list of US PS Store releases, although as of writing this they haven't appeared on the network:

  • Go! Sports Ski Game ($2.99)
  • The Simpsons Demo
  • Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War Demo
  • NBA 08 and Eye of Judgment Video Tutorials
  • Uncharted Behind the Scenes Video
  • Haze developer interview Video
  • Tekkonkinkreet Movie Trailer
  • Surf's Up Movie Trailer

The Go! Sports Ski game is remarkably cheap. I thought LocoRoco Cocoreccho was cheap when it came out in the UK, but $2.99 (£1.46 or so) is amazing. Even if they swap the Dollar sign for a Pound sign when it hits Europe it'll still be good value.


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European PS Store updates for 4th October

The EU PS Store has been updated and includes the following:

  • SKATE. Demo
  • Bladestorm Download Demo
  • Stuntman:Ignition Demo
  • Jericho Demo
  • Snakeball Trailer
  • HAZE Gameplay Trailer
  • GRAW 2 Trailers (four of them)
  • Blast Factor Wallpapers
  • flOw Wallpaper
It's good to see a number of demos appearing on the EU Store for once. I appreciate not everyone has a US or JP account, but for those of us that have we already splayed Skate, Bladestorm, Stuntman and Jericho. We also already had the wallpapers.

So, four GRAW 2 trailers (well, instructional videos really) and a Haze gameplay video are all that's new if you're a multi-region account user. Still, it's a step in the right direction and if SCEE can keep things moving at this pace we might get a weekly Store update that's somewhere close to the US soon.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Lair soundtrack now available on iTunes

Whilst the game has received less than flattering reviews, Lair's soundtrack has been nominated for a BAFTA.

For those of you who haven't got the game, aren't getting the game or can't be bothered to check out the music in the 'extras' section of the game, you will be pleased to know you can now get the Lair OST via iTunes.

Just search for "John Debney Lair" and the rest should be a walk in the park for you.

[via Official PlayStation Blog]

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The plot thickens

Just to keep everyone updated, here's the latest on the 'big bang' announcement:

SCEE say there is now no announcement by them on 12th October - of course, that doesn't mean SCEA, SCEJ or SCEI won't make an announcement anyhow

Rockstar have confirmed what we suspected - GTA IV is not coming out until next year

Various retailers and people who work within retailers around the globe are saying they've been asked for their pre-order numbers for a 40Gb PS3. It seems this model comes without card readers and has no backwards compatibility (which I think sounds daft)

That's the latest for now. I'll keep you all posted.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

GTA IV coming to PS3 in October?

Could GTA IV be the center of the big October 12th announcement we discussed yesterday?

Everyone is assuming that the 'big bang' announcement from Sony will be based around a 40Gb PS3, and I have no reason to think any different. Well, I had no reason.

After a tip from N4G yesterday I did some digging around. Rather than just accept the link, I followed the links through for myself from the official PlayStation homepage and it does appear that SCEE know something we don't.

If you browse the PS3 games list, it says "Grand Theft Auto IV is now finally on the horizon" and if you look at the GTA IV game page the release date is October 2007.

So, I tried to check what the PS3 games pages looked like in the past using the Wayback Machine. That didn't help, as the GTA IV page isn't indexed yet.

Rockstar have said GTA IV won't come along until 2008. It hit their share price massively when they announced that news. But there is a school of thought that says they had issues getting it onto the Xbox 360 because they just don't have the storage capacity they need without Blu-ray. With Halo 3 doing so well, maybe Sony have stepped in to provide some assistance (monetary and otherwise) to get the product out the door before Christmas.

The jury is therefore out on whether this is a mistake (the official website is rife with release date errors, after all) or a real deal. Personally, I think it's a red herring.

Regardless, I guess that October 12th announcement can't come soon enough. Only then will We Know The Truth.

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Monday, 1 October 2007

"On the 12th day of October, Sony gave to me"...

Rumours are rife that Sony will be making a big announcement on the 12th October.

Now, fact is we all know the most likely things that they'll announce - the fabled 40Gb PS3. But what do we think they will really say, versus what the Internet suggests?

The 40Gb PS3 will have no backwards compatibility and no USB ports?

Probably fake. The lack of backwards compatibility would mean that Sony would need to maintain two sets of firmware for the PS3, and they're unlikely to want to double development and support costs. And no USB ports would mean no charging for the controllers and no peripheral support.

Sony will announce a £299 PS for the UK

Most likely true. The new 40Gb PS3 that everyone expects Sony will announce should come in at $400 which is £199. But we're used to paying over the odds in Britain, so we'll have £100 lumped on for good measure and for no reason.

The new DualShock 3 controller will ship with the new PS3 model

Probably true. The timing would work out quite well for Japanese models, since the DS3 is due to be release in November over there and the 40Gb PS3 is being slated for a November release too. But the DS3 doesn't arrive here until next Spring, which would make it difficult to release the DS3 with the new PS3 in European territories.

Bluetooth and WiFi will be better on the new PS3

Most likely true. There's a good chance the new PS3 will be better in some respects to the existing 60Gb model, and bluetooth, WiFi and the 65nm chipset are all good candidates in the improvement stakes.

All in all, I'm expecting that on October 12th we'll hear about a new PS3 model with a smaller hard drive, better bluetooth and WiFi and probably the DS3 controller to ship for $400 or £299 in the UK and be released in time for Christmas. We'll know for sure in less than a fortnight.

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