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Friday, 25 January 2008

[UPDATE] Burnout Paradise gets an update

I'll admit - I'm hooked on Burnout Paradise. It really is one of the most enthralling and brilliant games I have ever played. Those of you who know me understand just how many years of gaming that takes in!

But all can't be perfect in Paradise since a new patch is available for download when you launch the game.

Whilst we're not entirely sure what v1.1 does as of yet, I can tell you that after many hours playing the game yesterday I did notice an unusual amount of online game disconnections.

We'll do our best to find out what specifically this patch does and we'll be testing (playing) the new version extensively to see if we can spot the difference. Look out for an update (v1.1 if you will) to this story soon.

[UPDATE] There is no doubt about it. The game servers and online experience are much more solid than yesterday. Criterion have confirmed to us that the fixes they have put in place are to improve the online gaming experience when any of the connected players have (what they call) a strict firewall setup. In other words, check your firewall settings on your router and ensure that it is set up correctly for the game - check the manual in the box for UDP port details.

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