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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year; PS3 Attitude's Big Three

We're finally back from our extended break (some much needed R&R), and we're starting 2008 with the PS3 Attitude Big Three for January.

As a reminder, the Big Three tells you what you should be spending your hard earned cash on during the coming month. We only cover UK and European release dates, so don't go telling us that the 'big US-only release' is missing from the list! And we only cover games arriving during the month in question.

Picking three titles in January is a little harder than expected since new games will be a little thin on the ground at the start of 2008, but let's give it a go anyhow:

1. Burnout Paradise

There aren't many demos out there that I actually play for as long as a full release, so all the signs are good for the first next-gen Burnout title.

Set in Paradise City, which is much bigger than we expected, this version of Burnout has a number of nice gameplay changes over previous incarnations. For example, you no longer choose from a menu of different races. You simply pull up at the lights and hold down the break and accelerator to signal your intent. Each junction has a different challenge.

The online gaming is sublime and the full game will include over 300 challenges. If you've been playing the demo you will have noticed that they keep adding new challenges, including the 'synchronised barrel roll' task on the beach. It's great fun hooking up your PS Eye or headset to coordinate the drivers into the right locations to ensure everyone completes the challenge, and I can't wait to get my teeth into the full title when it arrives on the 25th.

Not only is this your 'must have' game for January, it will certainly be one of the standout titles for the whole of 2008!

Bonus Material: If you click the title link above to pre-order Burnout Paradise the nice people at GAME will send you a code via email on launch day to unlock an exclusive extra car.

2. Haze

Although no-one has yet confirmed the launch date for Haze, we fully expect it to be available in January. As soon as we get full confirmation, we'll let you know.

As you'll have gathered from our initial impressions of the build we played at GameCity, Haze is a great FPS from the team that brought the world such gems as GoldenEye and TimeSplitters. To say this game has pedigree would be an understatement.

The gameplay by itself is enough to warrant attention, but the storyline and the use of the soldier-enhancing/entrancing drug Nectar take this particular game to another level.

We're sticking our neck out here by putting Haze in the January Big Three when the lainch date hasn't been confirmed, but we're fairly confident. And regardless of which month Haze is released, it would be in our Big Three in any case, so put a few pennies aside for it anyway!

Bonus Material: By clicking the link above you can pre-order Haze and the chaps and chapesses at GAME will send you the product in a nice tin with a free glow stick. Nu Rave!

3. Unknown

Heck - we failed. We couldn't find three titles that were certain to launch in January. Haze isn't even certain to arrive and it still made it onto the list!

The truth is, there's going to be a lot more to talk about in February and beyond with games like Mercenaries 2, Devil May Cry 4, Viking, Army of Two and Brothers in Arms all arriving before the end of March. Along with a whole slew of great PS Store titles that are expected to hit before the end of the quarter we'll all be very busy. Our advice is to save up your pounds or euros in anticipation.

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Anonymous Reesimo said...

Nice to see you back, DolphGB. Glad you enjoyed your extended holiday. As for the Burnout demo, I've fooled around with it for a bit and was utterly dismayed with the changes. We had all heard of some of the changes to the game before the demo dropped, but I had no idea that it would be so drastic. First play was short because I was so shocked. Was bored so I played again. And again. I'm a believer now. I especially like the free roaming feel of the game. To know that when I buy the game, I'll be able to just go any and everywhere. I'll know where all the shortcuts are without having to unlock tracks. I do miss the crash mode though. I've raced around online only once, but the fact that the devs gave you the chance in the free demo was amazing. All in all, this is just the demo and there are sure to be more surprises in the full game. A game that I will buy.

03 January 2008 16:47  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Crash mode is an interesting omission, but it is being replaced by something called Showtime.

Basically, you'll just be moving along and then you'll decide to explode your car anywhere you like. You can then keep on exploding by chaining 'his' together until you've cause gazillions of dollars of damage.

It might not be the crash mode we know and love, but I think it's going to be pretty spectacular.

Qudos to Criterion for creating something new instead of recycling the 'same old same old'...

03 January 2008 17:10  
Blogger KosmoCrisis said...

To comment on something NOT Criterion's baby, I'd like to point out that I think several of the games you've listed for February oooh and aaaah will not make the cut.

Let me throw a prediction out there with absolutely NO inside information, but I think Army of Two won't make it. It's EA and they hate Orange Box. I do think that we may be surprised with DMC4 being released late Jan. early Feb. Mercenies is totally not coming out on time.

Don't forget that we are expecting SUPER Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix to come out very soon. They are left with balancing and network code. Sweet!

04 January 2008 04:52  

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