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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Official: Tiscali aren't blocking Call of Duty on purpose

There has been a minor news meltdown recently on the subject of Tiscali alledgedly 'blocking' PS3 Call of Duty 4 players from enjoying their favourite FPS title online.

The fact is, many ISPs block or 'throttle' certain types of traffic at certain times of the day due to network strain issues. If they didn't then the majority of customers would suffer as a result of activities carried out by the minority.

The ports and type of traffic Call of Duty 4 uses would appear to be similar to the kind of P2P traffic generated when downloading files via BitTorrent, and so Tiscali (like other ISPs) limit this kind of traffic for the good of the majority of their clients.

Certainly there is one thing that is true - Tiscali are not blocking CoD4 players on purpose. We asked Tiscali to put the record straight:

"Reports suggesting that we were deliberately blocking specific games are
incorrect. We are constantly working to upgrade and refine our network to ensure
our customers can enjoy their favourite applications. Work is currently underway
on routine updates and we will keep you informed." - Tiscali UK
We'll keep you up-to-date on the results of these 'routine updates' but I would suspect that this issue will go away soon for Tiscali PS3 gamers.

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Anonymous deano said...

We all know they arent doing on it purpose, and that it is a side effect of them blocking p2p sogtware etc. The fact is that it is being blocked unpurposely, and so are many other games.

You can throttle traffic other ways without it being detrimental to gaming, but tiscali in their usual wisdom decided to use a blanket sweep to solve their issues. Bottom line - gamers with tiscali are suffering because of their dubious practices.

And as a final note, noone was saying they were blocking COD4 for PS3 on purpose, so your thread is pretty pointless

31 January 2008 18:14  

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