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Friday, 4 January 2008

PS Store; a quick update

In case you were wondering where our usual European and US PS Store updates went over the last couple of weeks, here's a quick recap.

Last week (27th), Europe did get an update but the US didn't. It was nothing to write home about, since the update contained an upgrade for Super Stardust HD and demos of The Club and Snakeball. You had probably already played Snakeball from the US demo the week before, but now you could go ahead and buy it if you wanted.

The Super Stardust HD upgrade didn't offer much since the multi-player option isn't yet available to buy when you go into the 'in-game store' option.

Then this week (3rd) both Europe and the US did get updates, but again they were a little 'light'. By the way, we're not complaining - we certainly took a long enough break at PS3 Attitude and everyone else is entitled to as well!!

Europe received the DMC 4 trailer that was already available on the US store, plus another add-on pack for Folklore.

The US got some more Guitar Hero III, Rock Band and Need for Speed add-on packs plus an NFL '09 demo and the GT5 Prologue Japanese Launch trailer.

Expectedly light updates over the Christmas period. Normal service looks to be resumed next week, and hopefully it won't be too long before us Europeans get some of the full games the US and/or Japan have enjoyed for so long (Everyday Shooter, PAIN, GT5 Prologue etc.)...

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