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Thursday, 17 January 2008

[UPDATE] Turok demo to arrive on 7th February

Turok is due to be launched on 8th February in the UK and elsewhere. On Tuesday this week a single-player demo arrived on Xbox Live. A number of people were clearly expecting the same demo to arrive on the PS Store today.

The news is that you'll have to wait until launch week to 'get your dino on' if you're a PS3 owner. Touchstone have confirmed to PS3 Attitude that the Turok demo won't arrive until the 7th, one day before launch.

Whilst Turok is another FPS in a PS3-world full of FPS titles, it does have its differentiators. I mean, where else can you get to shoot both human and dinosaur enemies in one game?

Of course, that's if you go around shooting enemies. The game has recently courted a mild amount of controversy for delivering a 'reward' (named Grab Bag) for shooting teammates. The developers are ready for any issues though - they have a patch available to disable the achievement should it kick up a real fuss after release.

We'll have more on Turok as we get closer to the release of both the game and the demo.

[UPDATE] It appears that Touchstone's UK office gave us information for the EU PlayStation Store update only, and it looks like we got our wires crossed since the demo arrived in the US today.To clarify, then, Turok will not appear on the EU PSN until February 7th.

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