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Thursday, 21 February 2008

GDC 08; Call of Duty 4 'feature patch' on the way

Speaking at GDC to the chaps at PSU, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling was gracious enough to explain the forthcoming features that will be downloaded to PS3s all over the world soon.

This CoD4 'feature patch' does bring a number of much-needed additions to our favourite online experience:
  • Optimised servers
  • New 'kill cams' (grenades, RPGs, airstrikes, claymores and more)
  • Quick Mute (mute annoying players - an absolute must have)
  • Show 'Recently Met Players' in the PlayStation Network (finally!)
  • Removal of 'delayed shots' for Sniper Rifles and Acog attachments, improving their usefulness
"(With the new 'kill cams') you can watch from when the grenade leaves the
enemies hand all the way to the explosion that kills you," said Bowling.
The patch is supposed to fix the 'downloading game settings' bug that could leave you with a four-hour wait to play online, and will generally make the whole game joining operation much smoother.

What with this and the planned DLC that will include new maps, I can see we'll be playing CoD4 just as much as we already do over 2008!

Which reminds me - if you want to show some PS3 Attitude love, add the clan tag [PS3A] to your profile in CoD4. If we end up playing in the same room we'll be on the same team. Not that this is a guarantee of success mind you!

[via PSU]

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