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Monday, 25 February 2008

Racedriver: GRID website launching on Wednesday

If you hop over to the official website for Racedriver: GRID you'll see a nicely rendered countdown that leads you to midnight this Wednesday (UK time).

Details of what will be on the full website aren't yet available, but from the movie that is on the current 'teaser' site you can see that the guys at Codemasters are looking to encompass a range of different driving styles from around the world.

That means some nice sterotypes are on the way, like street racing in muscle cars on the west coast of America, drifting in the streets of Tokyo and some well-mannered track racing in vehicles with roll cages in the UK.

The video shows some nice atmospheric work and some great car damage. There are a whole glut of racing games on the way for the PS3 this year - which one suits your driving style?

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