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Friday, 29 February 2008

X-Blades; making swords look more heavenly

SouthPeak Games announced a new game on the horizon for 2008 today, coming to the PS3 as well as other platforms.

Featuring an anime-inspired heroine called Ayumi, who really could have been called 'Blondiko', this is a hack-and-slash game in the mould of God of War and that other PS3 title.... you know the one.

It's natural to draw comparisons between this and Heavenly Sword, but in reality we don't expect this game to have anything like the production qualities of that short-but-sweet experience.

And the cartoon nature of the game is also the other big differentiator. But that still won't stop people asking the developers at TopWare about the obvious comparisons. We'll reserve judgement until we've seen it in action.

“We are big fans of anime and that was really our inspiration for X-Blades. Our goal was to create stylistic characters and artwork and to mix that bombastic visual style with lightning fast action. The result is a killer title that gamers and animation fans won’t be able to put down.” - James Seaman, Managing Director at Topware Interactive

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Anonymous Reesimo said...

Looks interesting, though a lot like Heavenly Sword. We'll see.

01 March 2008 15:36  

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