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Thursday, 13 March 2008

[UPDATE] Haze; Mantel Corp website goes live

Ubisoft have just launched a new website for Haze; a full-blown Mantel Global Industries corporate site detailing their products, services and even a careers page where you can apply for a job!

Of course, applying for a job takes you through to a registration page so you can gain access to further Haze details (which is no bad thing), but the approach to getting you to register is definitely unique and fun.

The detail Ubisoft have gone into on the Mantel Corp. pages is immense and well worth reading through, as they give you lots of extra details on the weapons, the Nectar and the background story.

Check out the new Mantel website and be prepared to spend a while investigating everything...
[UPDATE] This is not quite the same site as Ubisoft launched back in early 2007, although it is on the same domain name. It has had a massive overhaul since then and includes a huge amount of new information. So whilst it's not actually a new site, it is full of completely new info.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't this about a year old?

13 March 2008 13:06  

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