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Monday, 17 March 2008 Live 08; photos and final thoughts

If you didn't manage to follow the show coverage over the weekend, you can catch up here:

We have two more articles in us about this years Live 08. Let's get one of them off our chest right now.

The photos from the show are now available in a slideshow below. If you hover over the bottom-left corner of the slideshow and click the name of the show, it'll take you to the PS3 Attitude account at Picasa Web, where you can see high-resolution versions of the pictures.

Our final thoughts? Let's categorise them as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

The great people at and Hill & Knowlton for their support
Race Driver: GRID actual gameplay video
Far Cry 2 demonstration and our exclusive developer interview
Playable previews, including Soul Calibur IV, Haze, The Bourne Conspiracy and others
The racing pods for GT5: Prologue on the Sony stand
Buzz! for PS3 (what a laugh!)

The Bad

No Ghostbusters playable demo despite advertising it would be available
Venue was too small for 20,000 people
If you don't like hot dogs, you were out of luck for lunch options
No Street Fighter IV or Bionic Commando playable demos
Complete lack of new title information, but then it is March so that's no surprise (the show would be better in June next year!)

The Ugly

Being battered by every single passer by
The smell of 20,000 people in a hot room
When Soul Calibur IV crashed for the first time in the middle of the £20,000 final (being played on the Xbox 360 version, naturally)
Losing all our chips in the Rainbox Six Vegas 2 casino in less than three minutes

Thanks again to all the people that helped make Live 08 what it was. The UK is in need of a single show that can rival the likes of Leipzig, so hopefully they'll go from strength to strength in the future.

Look out for our final Live 08 article later this week - you won't want to miss it.

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Blogger Alec said...

I was there aswell, i only went on the sunday tho.

All the emo's annoyed me, and the screaming 14-year old girls, but hey Casandra was hot:-P

there was also playable version of condemed 2, but nothing advertising it; which though was weird, i just walked straight up and played it.

I spent most of my time playing soul calibre and looking for somewhere to sit lol

17 March 2008 18:47  
Anonymous Reesimo said...

Nice pics. That GT pod is awesome.

17 March 2008 23:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what i wanna know, is who was the model on the Ducati for Scandisk!

19 March 2008 12:57  

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