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Saturday, 15 March 2008 Live 08; Time Crisis 4 FPS gameplay

Direct from Live 08, we have exclusive footage of the FPS gameplay feature in Time Crisis 4.

Whilst the game has received lukewarm reception in recent previews, the FPS mode is certainly a novel feature.

The GunCon 3, in it's orange blazing glory, has a whole host of buttons and a thumb-stick on the back that allows you to look around, strafe, jump, reload and change weapons, as well as operating items such as doors.

It looks awkward to begin with, but feels fairly natural after a short time. What will make this much more fun is the online multi-player, which is expected to support up to 10 players.

The reviews from elsewhere may not have been too complimentary, but the FPS function may well save the day.

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OpenID sweetflag said...

Hello PS3 Attitude

I met you at LIVE today...what did you make of the showing? No playable Ghostbusters or Little Big Planet...hmm...I was a little disappointed all in all.


15 March 2008 18:45  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Good to have met you today...

All our thoughts so far are in the 'Day One Wrap-up' story ( so check that out.

We'll do a full wrap-up next week as well, so keep on checking back for more news...

15 March 2008 20:38  
Blogger justaddinstant said...

The FPS mode is terrible. There is not a multiplayer online mode and the guns are not sold separately, so there may as well not be a multiplayer offline mode. In FPS mode, the controls, AI, graphics and gameplay are all severely flawed, making the mode more of a chore and less of a game. The only good quality of the game is the traditional rail shooter, which is solid as usual.

16 March 2008 07:39  

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