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Thursday, 17 April 2008

More original Japanese games please... thesixthaxis plea

Those good guys over at thesixthaxis (TSA) have posted an interesting guest article that deserves a good 10 minutes of your day.

Here's an excerpt from the piece, credited to Kamruz M.A.M., but please head over to the TSA website to read the entire story - it's worth it:

"Japanese developers make the greatest games, there is no doubt there and anyone who thinks otherwise can get their teeth kicked in by a donkey. But what they have in talent they lack in cold hard cash, specially when compared to the rich giants backing the western developers. Not helping matters is the ongoing shooter epidemic that is rapidly eating away at the minds of young gamers. This flesh eating disease had just about run itself to extinction on the PC, but now it has been unleashed on the console and its destructive nature has been reinvigorated by fresh unknowing victims for it to gorge itself with and pick its teeth with their bones once it is full and satisfied."

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