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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Home open beta in November

In recent articles following the London PlayStation Day, David Reeves of SCEE has talked a lot about the current timeline for PlayStation Home.

He and Kaz Hirai have explained why Home has been pushed back, and Reeves has talked about a renewed focus on games rather than advertisers within Home.

Following all this coverage, we were expecting an expanded closed beta in the Summer followed by an open beta in Autumn.

Ron Festejo, the Creative Director for Home, has now made those broad time slots much narrower, stating the closed beta will be expanded in July and the open beta will arrive in November.

"We have between 8,000 and 10,000 users in this closed beta phase. Around July we’re going to be expanding on the closed beta phase and allowing more people to gradually come in, and then in November this year we’ll be going to the open beta."

So it looks like we'll all get to enjoy a new Home before the end of the year, and help ensure it is as good an experience as we would all like through beta feedback.


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