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Friday, 25 January 2008

[UPDATE] Burnout Paradise gets an update

I'll admit - I'm hooked on Burnout Paradise. It really is one of the most enthralling and brilliant games I have ever played. Those of you who know me understand just how many years of gaming that takes in!

But all can't be perfect in Paradise since a new patch is available for download when you launch the game.

Whilst we're not entirely sure what v1.1 does as of yet, I can tell you that after many hours playing the game yesterday I did notice an unusual amount of online game disconnections.

We'll do our best to find out what specifically this patch does and we'll be testing (playing) the new version extensively to see if we can spot the difference. Look out for an update (v1.1 if you will) to this story soon.

[UPDATE] There is no doubt about it. The game servers and online experience are much more solid than yesterday. Criterion have confirmed to us that the fixes they have put in place are to improve the online gaming experience when any of the connected players have (what they call) a strict firewall setup. In other words, check your firewall settings on your router and ensure that it is set up correctly for the game - check the manual in the box for UDP port details.

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Thursday, 24 January 2008

PS3 Attitude Mobile discontinued

We've removed the mobile version of PS3 Attitude from

But rather than leave you with no way of seeing a 'lite' version of the site, here's a great tip for you that will help you 'mobilise' any feed from any site.

Simply point your device to[feed address] and you will magically see a nice cut-down version of any RSS feed.

Want to try it right now? Go ahead and visit the Googlified PS3 Attitude feed and your mobile dreams will have come true!

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European PS Store updates for 24th January

A short list of updates today.

Whilst it would have been nice to see the Devil May Cry 4 demo appear in Europe, you can download it right now using a Japanese account and we expect to see it on the US store later today.

What we did get however is Pixeljunk Monsters. If you're not sure whether you'll like this real-time strategy title and you have the aforementioned Japanese account, they have an English language demo in their store right now.

Here's the list:


Pixeljunk Monsters (£3.49)
Judge Dredd - PS1 for PSP/PS3 (£3.49)

Trailers (all free)

CIV Revolution

Themes (all free)

Call of Duty 4

Wallpapers (all free)

Call of Duty 4 (x5)

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

GT5 Prologue European release date confirmed

We knew that GT5 Prologue would be coming some time in Q1 this year, but we didn't think it would arrive almost exactly as Q2 comes around.

Yes, the official date for GT5 Prologue is 28th March. As you'd expect, we've updated the PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar with the good news.

We're big fans of the Gran Turismo series here at PS3 Attitude, so the end of March can't come soon enough!

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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Want more PS3 news? You're in the right place...

If you visit PS3 Attitude every day, you already know it's a great way to get the important PlayStation 3 news you crave.

But did you know that by simply subscribing to PS3 Attitude's RSS Feed you will also get the stories we 'Digg' from other websites?

Yes, its true!

Simply click 'Subscribe in a Reader' or 'Subscribe to Ps3 Attitude via email' in the left sidebar.

You can add the RSS feed to your favourite RSS reader or to your browser. Just click the link and we've got a whole page full of handy instructions and links that will connect our feed with your favourite reader.

You will then receive the news we post here plus the stories that we Digg from around the world.


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MGS4 demo definitely on the way in February

As is usual at PS3 Attitude, we resisted the temptation to report this when it was still firmly resident in the 'rumour cup'.

We now know for sure that a small piece of Metal Gear Solid 4 will be coming to a PlayStation Store near you next month.

The demo that everyone has been waiting for is set to arrive in February and will be the same code that PCW magazine played to create their recent article.

So with yet another shoddy reference to our 2008 opening story, the Year of the Rat may start in February, but it looks like it is going to be the Month of the Snake.

Keep checking the PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar, which will show the actual date of release as soon as it is made available.

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Monday, 21 January 2008

European releases for week beginning 21st January

Instead of listing the releases like we used to, from now on you can simply visit the PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar to get the latest on what is coming along and when.

Some weeks though something will come along that is so important we need to actually raise your attention to it. And this is one of those weeks.

Burnout Paradise is here people!

Mine is already in the post ready to arrive on Friday morning, and I frankly can't wait. As detailed in our 'Year of the Rat' story, Burnout Paradise is the first important title of 2008.

With addictive gameplay and a whole concoction of special races, stages and features not even hinted at in the much-lauded demo, this promises to be a title that will keep you happy throughout the year.

You can do what I did and pre-order Burnout Paradise for delivery on Friday by clicking the link.

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