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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

GTA IV; Niko Bellic is the 6 million unit man

Let's just pause for a moment and think about this.

According to Take Two, GTA IV has sold 6 million copies worldwide in one week. That's around $500 million in sales (£255m). We know from Chart Track that the UK alone accounted for close to 1 million units. We also know that around 50% (give or take 5%) of the total worldwide sales were for the PS3 version.

Here are some 'entertainment market' comparisons for you:

  • 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End' took $404 million at the Box Office in its first week.
  • The combined Top Ten US movies took $438 million this weekend - if it weren't for Iron Man that total would have been $336 million.
  • The iPhone sold only 70,000 units in the UK in the first week; around 500,000 were sold in the US during launch week.
Can we really compare the iPhone launch and GTA: IV? Well yes - and we just did. If you can imagine that a good percentage of GTA: IV sales involved a hardware bundle that retailed for around the same price, I think the comparison is fair!

Like I said - just think about all of this for a moment and put it in perspective.

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

GTA breaking records; were we right about the numbers?

In our news wrap-up 7 days before Grand Theft Auto: IV hit the streets, we came up with some projected sales figures for worldwide week one and lifetime sales.

We did this by comparing, analysing and averaging out the best analyst predictions for the ground-breaking game, and here's what we came up with:

PS3 - 7.4 million units
Xbox 360 - 11.5 million units
Total sales - 18.9 million units

Week One sales will make up an astonishing 25% of those totals, leading us to expect a combined 4.75 million units will hit the streets next week.
So how are we doing so far with our predictive skills?

ChartTrack announced that 600,000 copies of the game were sold in the UK on day one. 45% of these were on the PS3.

In the meantime, VG Chartz have put their sales estimates up and expect 1.7 million units in Europe (with the PS3 taking 60% of the overall sales) and a staggering 2.5 million in the US (with the PS3 taking 40% of the overall sales).

Adding this all together means that GTA: IV has so far reached 4.2 million consoles. 1.93 million of these are on PS3, just over 45%. For our prediction to be right, the rest of the week should see another half-a-million copies shipped.

Somehow, we think there's a chance the analysts we based the numbers on may have underestimated! Without the Asia Pacific region figures being added in, and despite the fact that many people didn't pre-order and are buying their copies this weekend, we feel that the results could break the 5 million mark quite easily.

Check back next week for the official week one figures, since the VG Chartz figures above are considered an estimate rather than fact.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

GTA: IV freezing on 60Gb PS3 models?

Has this happened to you? Let us know in the comments...

There are lots of reports coming in from forums and websites around the world that GTA: IV is freezing on some 60Gb launch models.

Although we're absolutely certain that a patch will be released to fix the problem (that is what has happened every single time something like this has come along, so we'd expect the same again), it does mean that a number of people aren't able to enjoy their new purchase on launch day.

If you've had this problem, let us know in the comments section...

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Monday, 28 April 2008

GameFlirt Most Wanted chart for April

Exclusive to PS3 Attitude, we bring you the monthly 'most wanted' PS3 charts at GameFlirt

GameFlirt are one of the UK's top games rental companies, and you won't find this information anywhere else - not even at the GameFlirt website.

Like the often seen Netflix charts for US movie titles, it's a great indicator of what's hot in the PS3 community.

Assassin's Creed continue to be the number one rental. In the course of running these charts, we've noticed that critically acclaimed games don't tend to stay around for too long since it would appear people would rather buy the game instead. What does this say about Assassin's Creed? It's too early to say, but the general consensus of opinion appears to be 'great look, repetitive gameplay, worth renting'.

In the meantime, Oblivion and Army of Two have dropped off the chart altogether.

Metal Gear Solid 4 remains the number one pre-rent title and GTA: IV has finally made an appearance, although coming in at fourth place suggests that most people will be buying their copy outright. Which makes us wonder if consumers are just a little wary of MGS4 and whether it really is as good as the preview videos would suggest.

Here are the charts in full.

Top 5 current rentals year-to-date:

1 - Assassin's Creed
2 - Blacksite
3 - Unreal Tournament III
4 - Devil May Cry 4
5 - Ridge Racer 7

Top 5 pre-ordered games for April:

1 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
2 - Haze
3 - Mercenaries 2
4 - Grand Theft Auto 4
5 - Monster Madness

Many thanks to GameFlirt for providing the data.

Click any of the links to visit GameFlirt for more details and to rent or pre-rent the titles. As a thank you to our readers anyone who signs up for the GameFlirt service via these links will receive 10 days free rental.

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Tomorrow is GTA-Day, or is it?

As you can see from the countdown timer above, there are less than 24 hours to go until GTA: IV hits UK streets and doorsteps.

But as we expected would happen, some people have managed to get their copies of the game early.

The Xbox 360 version of the game has been available in PAL and NTSC format via BitTorrent for over four days now, so some people may have chosen to break the law to get their copy early.

In addition, a number of stores across Europe have broken the street date for GTA: IV. We've seen pictures of receipts for copies from Asda, to which Asda have stated that "this is an isolated incident, we had a clear message to stores not to sell early, and so any copies that have gone on sale are miniscule. We have no policy to sell before the street date, and we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again."

One such store is in The Netherlands, where one gamer has been banned by Sony from the PSN for one week for playing GTA: IV early. He alledgedly bought the game from a store called Futurezone in Rotterdam and 'had been playing it for 4 days' before receiving an email from SCEE.

So if you have managed to precure your Grand Theft Auto experience legally and early, fight the urge to break the date yourself or you could end up banned. If you've gained your copy using less socially acceptable methods, please play it as much as you can whilst connected to the PSN...

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

GTA: IV European bundle finally confirmed

Remember we told you a GTA: IV bundle was definitely coming to play in Europe... well now it is definitely, definitely happening thanks to confirmation by SCEE today.

The so-accurate-you-could-use-it-as-a-targeting-device PS3 Attitude Calendar was spot on once again. Wow!

The price of the bundle will be €439 (£349) which, for a 40Gb PS3 with a standard SixAxis (still no DualShock 3 over here) and a copy of GTA: IV is, in our opinion, a little pricey.

GAME - for example - are taking pre-orders for the bundle at only £319 and that earns you £8 in reward points to spend on future items.

The bundle launches on the 29th April as you'd expect.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

7 days to GTA: IV; analyst sales figures and other news

As you can see from our countdown timer above, there are now officially less than 7 days to go until GTA: IV hits shelves in the UK and Europe. Or are there?

Our wrap-up will explain some of the more important GTA: IV news that has hit the 'net over the last two weeks, including details of a possible early release.

We also do some maths for you and tell you just how big this release is going to be, based on working through a set of over 10 analysts' predictions.

1. Release dates

Scheduled for release on the 29th April, a story about Tesco in the UK breaking the release date emerged recently. Tesco were apparently going to launch GTA: IV on the 25th April instead.

Tesco's website has since been changed to state that the game will arrive on the 29th. But the news prompted Take2 to have retailers sign agreements that stop them from shipping early. The agreement allows the retailers to send out customers' copies on the 28th so they will arrive on the 29th.

2. Missing feature

GTA: IV has been one of the most highly reported titles ever, and that means we already know as much as we can about the game and its features. One of these gameplay elements was going to allow you the ability to listen to music any time using your in-game mobile phone (that's a cellphone, for all our US readers).

With GTA: IV confirmed as going 'gold' only five days ago, we discovered that his had actually been dropped from the game entirely. Of course, this is nothing but standard practice. Features get cut from games all the time. It's just that you don't normally get to hear about it, as the hype-machine isn't as ramped up for other titles.

3. Supply issues

For some time now, most UK retailers have been unable to guarantee the arrival of the standard version of the game due to lack of stock. The special edition is still available, but they're running out fast as people buy up the stock and take the hit on the price in order to get the game first time around.

France is apparently running out of stock fast and there won't be enough for launch day. And it is a similar story all across Europe.

4. Rockstar Social Club

The Rockstar Social Club is a portal that will bring players of various Rockstar games together, and the first major title supported is GTA: IV. You can now go a pre-register at the club which will start up properly on - you guessed it - April 29th.

Anyone who signs up before next Tuesday will be entered into a competition to win a portrait of themselves drawn in the now iconic GTA cartoon style.

The integration with the game will be interesting too. When listening to a song in Liberty City, you'll be able to pull up your phone and dial ZIT-555-0100 to 'tag' it. The song will then be waiting for you at the club where you can buy it from Amazon.

5. Biggest game launch ever?

We've been watching all the analyst predictions regarding the launch of GTA: IV and we have distilled all their best guesses into the official PS3 Attitude answer to the question of whether this will be the biggest game launch ever:


We've done the work for you. PS3 Attitude have averaged out over 10 analyst* 'best guess' figures and according to the results, GTA: IV will sell the following numbers over the life of the game:

PS3 - 7.4 million units
Xbox 360 - 11.5 million units
Total sales - 18.9 million units

Week One sales will make up an astonishing 25% of those totals, leading us to expect a combined 4.75 million units will hit the streets next week. That's more than £190m in revenue ($375m /€236m), based on the standard version's street price alone.

Halo 3 sold 3.3 million units in comparison during Week One, generating £150m ($300m / €189m). Putting that into perspective against the movie industry, the number one grossing film this year is Horton Hears a Who, which has managed just £72m ($144m / €90m) thus far since being released five and a half weeks ago.

*Sources include estimates from Wedbush Morgan, Hudson Square and aggregated results from The simExchange...

So get yourselves ready for a hugely competitive online multi-player experience. We don't think you'll be hanging around trying to find someone to play with!

Don't forget you can win over 2Kg of swag in our April Competition - click the link or the big red button in the sidebar to find out more.

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Monday, 14 April 2008

More GTA: IV voice talent revealed - SNL dancer edition

Another member of the voice-over squad that will be bringing Liberty City to life has been revealed, and this time it's the super-talented Joan Baker. Joan will be voicing a TV reporter in the game.

Joan is author of the book Secrets of Voice Over Success and has provided her talents for hundreds of promos, commercials, TV shows and short films.

Joan Baker is, of course, not to be confused with Josephine Baker, who according to the Digital Underground song 'Heartbeat Props' "had them hooked, they loved the way she shook her money-maker".

Although in addition to her voice talents, Joan has been seen shaking the aforementioned 'money-maker' as a dancer on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Along with the obviously well-known Bruce Kronenberg playing Niko Bellic, David Conley as 'Gordon' and the superstar that is Kevin Breznahan playing 'Various', this is lining up to be a veritable galaxy of voice-over talent.

Where did I leave my anti-sarcasm pills again?

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Friday, 11 April 2008

Metal Gear Online beta coming next week

Metal Gear Online has been offered as a beta for people that pre-order in the US and Japan, and we've been wondering what will happen to a European beta.Konami said earlier in the week that the beta was definitely coming to Europe, but still we had no details of how to get access.

Now, SCEE have confirmed that a completely open beta program will start next Thursday (17th) as part of the new store's first update. Yes - you'll be able to play MGO next week and you don't even have to pre-order MGS4.

In addition to the MGO beta, Europe will also get a Lair update that allows you to control the game using the analogue sticks, some new dragons for Lair, a Sega Superstar Tennis demo (same one that hit the US a few weeks back) and - importantly - Warhawk's Operation Broken Mirror map and APV pack.

There will also be a smattering of videos, including the latest GTA: IV trailer.

If this is how European updates are going to look in the future, we all have nothing to worry about!

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

GTA: IV European bundle definitely happening; probably PS3 exclusive

You know us - we hate 'rumour'. But aside from SCEE not confirming this to us directly, we have so many other sources that say this is happening it's almost embarassing.

The news is great. A GTA: IV bundle will appear on shelves in Europe the same day as the game arrives - 29th April.

And most of our sources are confirming the answer to the obvious question - is there a PS3 bundle only, or will there be an X360 bundle too?

It seems that to give the PS3 some level of exclusivity after we lost 'episodic content' to Microsoft, the PS3 will indeed be the only console to gain a hardware bundle. Nice.

The PS3 Attitude Calendar has been updated as ever.

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Monday, 7 April 2008

GTA IV revealed; Niko Bellic is voiced by Bruce Kronenburg

It has been revealed that the voice actor for the main role of Niko Bellic is none other than Bruce Kronenburg.


Well, Bruce has appeared in the occasional TV episode as a mobster, notably the Sopranos and Law & Order. He has also featured as 'Man on Street' in the 2004 movie 'Noise'.

OK - so whilst he may not be Robert De Niro in terms of his CV, he does already have a good amount of videogame voice-over experience having provided his services for various characters in Max Payne, Max Payne 2 and GTA 2.

Who knew he could do a Russian accent? Maybe that will score him some diverse roles in the future instead of playing mobsters all the time - oh, hang on...

There are scant pictures of Mr. Kronenburg available, and none that are free to use, so click through to see what Niko looks like in the flesh - we'll give you a clue (2nd from left).

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Friday, 4 April 2008

No GTA: IV Special Edition pre-orders in-store at GAME

That great-looking GTA: IV Special Edition set is now looking more exclusive than ever, with news that major UK games retailer GAME will not allow you to pre-order the pack in-store.

The Special Edition set comes with:

  • Grand Theft Auto: IV in a special metal safety deposit box
  • The GTA: IV art book
  • Selected soundtrack CD
  • Exclusive Rockstar keychain
  • Rockstar duffel bag
A representative at GAME told us:

"The special edition is just that - very special. Because it is in such short supply, the only way we can allow pre-orders is online through our website."
We understand (although we are waiting on confirmation) that other UK game vendors are following suit with this pre-order policy.

So the message is a simple one. If you want to pre-order GTA: IV Special Edition in the UK, the only way is to grab your copy online... or we suppose you could queue up for hours outside your local shop on the 29th April, just in case they have one!

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

BBFC passes GTA: IV for 18-rated release

Yesterday, the BBFC passed GTA: IV for release.

On the official BBFC website, the Grand Theft Auto: IV page was updated and it clearly states 'This work has passed with no cuts'.

The game has been handed an 18 certificate as expected and was, as with most games, passed by clearing the seperate component parts - those being the gameplay footage and the cut scenes.

The BBFC page states the cut-scenes run to a length of 7 hours and 43 minutes, and they cleared over five and a half hours of gameplay footage in the process. We think it is safe to assert that the single-player experience in GTA: IV is going to take around 13-20 hours to complete, if you add together the gameplay, cut-scenes and a good amount of time for each mission.

All of this bodes well for the anticipated release on 29th April.

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PS3 April Fools - roundup of the ruses

It's April Fools Day, and you know what that means.

So rather than come up with an elaborate 1st April story ourselves, we thought we'd round up what other sites have been touting as the truth so that you, the loyal reader, can divine the real from the rip-off.

Let's get started with the number one ruse of the day:

1. World of Warcraft coming to consoles - FAKE

The award for this year's 'greatest production values in an April Fool' goes to Blizzard, who not only put up a convincing WoW page for a game called The Molten Core, but also produced a full blown (and pretty funny) trailer for the fake game.

Of course, you'll immediately be tipped off by the features: 'glorious 2D animation' - 'full 192i resolution' - 'move in any of 8 unique directions' - 'has SOUND'...

The game is due to be released for the Atari 2600 platform, according to the site.

I particularly like the 'concept art' versus 'screenshot' section at the bottom of the page. Well worth a visit.

1. CBR 600 motorbike in GT5: Prologue - FAKE

The guys over at PS3 Addict put up a photoshopped picture of a Honda CBR 600 stating that "when you win every event in every class (C,B,A and S), this amazing bike will be delivered to your garage, free of charge."

The fact that they used screenshots that had the wrong icons included on the menu should have been enough to alert everyone to the fakeness of the news, let alone the obvious Photoshop cues and slightly wrong shadow. Still, it's a fun idea.

2. Microsoft own a patent on custom soundtracks - TRUE

Our friends at Ripten found a great piece of news yesterday and immediately it became one of the hottest topics on N4G. Why? Well, because most people called it an April Fool in the comments section!

The fact is, this patent exists and the news is real. However please don't be fooled into thinking that this stops Sony going ahead with custom soundtracks (which, of course, they have already announced will arrive in the Summer).

You can't patent an idea, just a method. Sony can do all the same things as Microsoft but just use a different method. And they can then patent that method also (which they probably already have).

It was still a good story and a great find by Patrick Steen of Ripten, who had this to say about the piece...

"It's not an April Fools. I'm doing more research to confirm the validity of the patent. Some seem to think that it is tied to actual Xbox programming, but since it was filed using Xbox 1 diagrams and then approved in 2006 (when the Xbox 360 had taken over), it is certainly not tied to a particular system and/or software program. As seen in this section of the patent; 'Although the invention has been described in language specific to structural features and/or methodological acts, it is to be understood that the invention defined in the appended claims is not necessarily limited to the specific features or acts described. Rather, the specific features and acts are disclosed as exemplary forms of implementing the claimed invention'."

3. GTA IV delayed by Byron Review and Grand Theft Childhood - FAKE

Industry veteren Bruce Everiss has a great blog over at Bruce on Games, and he came up with this 'exclusive' this morning.

However, you should have spotted that the names of the spokespeople in the story are all characters from GTA: San Andreas. Carl Johnson. Frank Tenpenny. Melvin Harris. They're all there.

Nice work Bruce, but the wool and my eyes never did meet.

And whilst we're talking about Bruce, we think he tried to make the GTA story more credible ny posting the much more obvious 'Microsoft and Nintendo to merge' story first. Double bluff attempt - denied!

5. Sony launches a $150 PS3 with no Blu-ray drive - FAKE

Over at PSX Extreme they continued their story from yesterday about a new SKU at the FCC with the statement that Sony have announced a $150 PS3.

The reason for the massive price drop? No Blu-ray drive! You can only play downloadable games on this puppy.

You should have been tipped off by the absurdety, but in case you needed a real April Fool clue, the name of the SCEI spokeperson is Aperelli Doorichka. Not only does this person not exist, we're pretty sure that this is the phrase 'April Fool' in a different language.

6. Firmware 4.1 now supports HD-DVD playback - FAKE

Over at they have proved they have a sense of humour too by claiming Sony will support HD-DVD playback in their new firmware.

Apart from the version number of the firmware being enough to tip us off, the piece contains some nice touches:

When asked why they waited this long to announce these breakthroughs, Microsoft pointed the finger of blame in Sony’s direction saying that Sony only downloaded the 360’s HD DVD emulator when it finally become free. Sony spokespeople responded that they’d have downloaded it months earlier had their Xbox Live account not been banned due to Halo 3 cheating, and mentioned problems using Visual Studio 2008 on their “Vista Capable” workstations.
Good work guys.

Did we miss your favourite? Is there a piece of news you think is fake and you need it checking over? Let us know in the comments...

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Friday, 28 March 2008

April Showers? PS3 Attitude Big Three

Once again, it's that time of the month where we run down the three titles you really have to seek out in the coming month.

As a quick reminder, the PS3 Attitude Big Three takes in UK and European release dates only and is for titles that will be released in April.

You can keep tabs on the latest release dates by using the PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar, which you'll also find a shareable/embeddable version in the left sidebar.

So let's get started - what should you spend your money on this month? And will April shower us with new releases (see what we did there?)...

1. Grand Theft Auto: IV [pre-order] [pre-order special edition] [pre-rent]

Yes people - it's the Big One. The wait is finally over and GTA: IV hits our shelves this month.

So much has already been said about GTA: IV that it's hard to think of anything new to say. Simply put, it is one of the most important game releases for some time on any platform.

There will also, of course, be a complete media circus around the release of the game which will distract the masses from the reality of the situation - not only is this a brilliant experience, this is an adult game with adult themes for adults only. If there are parents reading this and you buy this game for your kids, you're part of the reason we've just had a government review on gaming in the UK. Don't do it.

Getting back to the gameplay, we already know about the tons of multi-player modes and we'll expect the usual deep single player storyline. The graphics are more realistic than ever before which points to a grittier experience. That being said, all the usual wit and dark comedy that has filled Rockstar's seminal sandbox series in the past is all there.

This is one title you don't want to miss out on this year, let alone this month.

2. Condemned 2: Bloodshot [pre-order] [pre-rent]

It's going to be tough with the release of GTA: IV to recommend two other titles, especially when the choice of great games in April is not as wide as we've had recently. However, Condemned 2: Bloodshot certainly requires your attention.

Coming from Sega, this is the complete opposite of their usual game genre. There's definitely no cute blue hedgehogs in this title. Gruesome? Yes. Dark? Indeed.

Similar in some ways to The Darkness, Condemned delivers an FPS that owes more to the supernatural than it does to realistic combat.

Whilst the multiplayer experience has been reported as being a little 'laggy', the single player game is a lot of fun and has gained good reviews almost across the board (Edge Magazine excepted). A patch is expected soon to iron out some sound sync issues that have been spotted in the US release.

If you're not sure whether Condemned floats your boat or not, there is a demo available at the PS Store that might help you make up your mind. We say that if you're not buying it, Condemned is surely a title worth renting instead.

3. UEFA EURO 2008 [pre-order] [pre-rent]

The choice this month is a little woeful, and that's understandable given that no-one really wants to compete with the Big One. In fact, this was almost the PS3 Attitude Big Two due to a lack of any really good games in April.

Since we're a UK-based news site, it seemed the only safe choice was to go with the regular EA FIFA update. After all, it is the only way anyone from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are going to have a chance at playing in Euro 2008.

The things that surprised me about this title when I played it recently is that is seems as if EA haven't just updated FIFA 08, they've made everything just that little bit slicker. Consequently, UEFA EURO 2008 looks like the definitive football game on the PS3 since the first next-gen incarnation of PES is very poor.

For once then, a FIFA title is actually better than a PES game. And this latest version is better than the original it is based on. If you haven't picked up a football game yet, this would be the best one to go for - despite the fact that none of our home teams made it to the finals!

That's all for this month. Did we make the right choices? Would Dark Sector be in your Big Three, or Solider of Fortune: Payback? Tell us about it in the comments...

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Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday news wrap-up

As we're taking a short break for Easter, here's a quick summary of the news:

1. In the comments section of a post on the Official PlayStation Blog, SCEA's Takau Imasaki said of GT5: Prologue "Private races with buddies and in-game chat are all in the works... but will not be ready from day one. Will keep you posted on the progress!"

2. Staying with the PS Blog, the new official logos for Resistance 2 have been posted there as well as concept art for the multiplayer classes.

3. The new maps for Call of Duty 4 will be on the Xbox 360 for 21 days before appearing on the PlayStation 3. There's a chance this exclusivity will backfire on Infinity Ward, since this places the release of the extra four maps close to GTA: IV's arrival - we suspect CoD4 will be put back on many people's shelves for a while around that time.

4. Motorstorm 2 gets a proper name - Motorstorm: Pacifica. We know game developers are fond of their colons (make up your own joke) so it's no surprise to see one appear in the title of the next Motorstorm game.

That's it for today. Have a great long weekend and we'll keep an eye out for the best stories on Easter Monday for you.

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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Final GTA: IV trailer coming next Thursday

The final GTA: IV trailer before the game's release will be launched next Thursday, 27th March.

Entitled "Good Lord, What Are You Doing?" AKA "Everyone's a Rat", you'll be able to watch the trailer in the 'video' section of the recently updated GTA: IV site.

In addition, today sees another update to the GTA: IV website with new radio station reveals, downloads, screenshots and more.

Keep an eye on the Official GTA: IV website today and next Thursday for these updates.

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Friday, 14 March 2008

GTA: IV online modes revealed

Word has it that there will be a total of 15 different online game modes in GTA: IV, although we only have the details of 14 of them currently.

The online gaming is accessed via your 'cellphone' - or mobile as we'd call it over here.

Initially, you will create your online character using a number of personalisations including sex, race, skin colour, hair, clothing and other features.

The multi-player will allow the host of the game to select the rules. In GTA Race and Race modes the host will decide how many laps and whic vehicles can be raced. In Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch the number of pedestrians, flow of traffic and police intervention are all selectable.

Within the Mafia Work and Team Mafia Work modes, you will play as a mafia hitman, competing to complete kills ordered by the boss over your mobile before your rivals can manage it. Think of the film Smokin' Aces and you'll be halfway there.

'Cops n Crooks' mode allows one team to play as the police and the other as the perps.

It certainly sounds like Rockstar have really put a lot into the multi-player aspect of GTA: IV. We can't wait to get our hands dirty, so to speak.

Here's the 14 modes we have details for:

  • Hangmans Noose
  • Car Jack City
  • Bomb da Base
  • Bomb da Base II
  • Mafia Work
  • Team Mafia Work
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Turf War
  • Cops n Crooks
  • GTA Race
  • Race
  • Deal Breaker
  • Free Roam

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Friday, 8 February 2008

New GTA: IV official site goes live; breaks straight away

We had an idea that Rockstar would be putting up a new site for GTA: IV yesterday when their RSS feed included a sneaky little message. Since we couldn't actually find any real reference to it at their website, we thought it best to hold back on the news until we saw something concrete.

So what can you expect at the new, sparkling website?
Well at the moment you may get a screen full of darkness, since it would appear to be broken - probably with all the hits it must be getting.

When it is working again, it will look something like the image below. You'll find all sorts of videos, downloads, buddy icons and a map of Liberty City amongst the trinkets available.

Until then, get used to the dark. It's like Liberty City, just with a massive power cut.

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Friday, 4 January 2008

In the Year of the Rat, will Sony win the race?

It will soon be the Year of the Rat.

In Chinese astrology the Rat is considered a leader and a pioneer. Rats can also be controlling, having their own way whatever the cost. Although Sony were 'born' in 1946 (which makes them a Dog - incidentally the same sign as my good self), you might say there are certain attributes of the Rat that sit well with them.

If you think it is odd to mix Chinese astrology with a Japanese company then bear with us. Although the Japanese celebrate the new year on the 1st January, they send postcards to their family and friends with the relevant animal depicted on the front - harking back to when the lunar calendar and the 12 animal signs were in use throughout Japan.

So what will this year bring, and will Sony win the ratrace against their most fierce of rivals? Just how will the Dog fair against the Rabbit (Microsoft) and the Ox (Nintendo).

Burnout Paradise is our first indication that 2008 is going to be a good one for the PS3. Yes - I know... since it is being released in January it doesn't fall into the Chinese 'lunar year' which starts in February. But since the Japanese start their year in January too, we're going to run with this one!

Then it's the turn of Devil May Cry 4 to hit our screens. There was a time when I was particularly angry with the Sheep (otherwise known as Capcom) for taking DMC to other platforms. But now we've seen it looking particularly spectacular on the PS3 we're not so unhappy. Add to that some exclusive downloadable content and the grass is certainly looking greener on this side of the fence. Maybe we'll hold off on turning Capcom into lamb chops for now.

Haze can't be ignored. Although it is yet another FPS, it is a special one. I don't honestly think that it is going to compare in any way to the Rabbit's best effort (the ever present Halo franchise) but it is truly a much deeper and more involving experience than many of the existing 'shooter' offerings available on the PS3. Call of Duty 4 excepted.

Shortly after you've managed to figure out how to squeeze those three titles into your heavy social calendar, the Tiger of Rockstar will rip your diary apart with the launch of GTA: IV. Once again it is a title that will appear on the Rabbit's platform, but we're not bitter about it. I couldn't care less if it were on every platform - just as long is it rocks our world as much as we think it will!

Around this time in the Year of the Rat, we expect that two amazing innovations will have found their way on to our favourite black monolith. PlayStation Home and LittleBigPlanet.

Home promises to be more than just a 3D lobby, although admittedly the ability to launch you and your newly-made friends into the multiplayer part of any game you own is a great feature. With huge amounts of content promised for launch and throughout the life of Home, plus the 'social networking' abilities available via the web-based portal to your Home space, Home will become many things; a replacement for the XMB, a lobby, a content viewer (both yours and content from Sony and third-parties), a casual games arena, a social networking site, a marketing tool to reach non-PS3 owners, a vanity case of game achievements, a mobile blogging/photo centre and much more.

LittleBigPlanet is surely one of the most anticipated titles of the year with it's innovative mix of gameplay, creation and sharing. If there's one title that is destined to take on the marketing behemoth that is Halo 3, this is it. 'What?', I hear you cry. How can you compare LBP and Halo 3? Think about it.

There's Halo 3 characters, faceplates, headsets, controllers and skins everywhere you look on your favourite retailer's shelves. You can get ringtones, wallpapers and themes for almost any mobile device. If there is one thing I want to see this year it's a Sackboy that I can actually buy, along with fabric pens so I can modify him, just like in the game. And a Sackboy controller. And a Sackboy gift set. Sony should be marketing the crap out of this game. I want to see Sackboy on the shelves of Clinton Cards alongside that ever-present blue-nosed teddy bear. You get the idea.

As the year progresses, we'll be hit with another massive title that is definitely staying on the PS3 only. Metal Gear Solid 4 will arrive. Every indication is that this final chapter in the story of Snake will be monumental in every way. The recent previews we've seen show the game to be something really special and the ending is promising to be as epic as you would expect. Once again you're going to have to figure out how to balance still playing GTA and LBP when this one hits. Who said gaming was easy!

Although Europe will see GT5 Prologue early in the year (February we reckon), there's a good chance the full Gran Turismo 5 experience will hit our shelves in the Year of the Rat. Promising a huge amount of detail, cars, tracks and content, along with realistic damage (hooray!), real-time weather simulation, GT-TV content, My Garage homepages/social networking and - most importantly - the Top Gear Test Track, GT5 will give us petrol-heads something to really get our teeth into once we've completed everything Burnout Paradise can offer.

Finally, we'll be sinking our teeth into the Hellghast scum once again as Killzone 2 comes to the PS3. Whether or not the screenshots you have seen are 'doctored' or not, it doesn't really matter. The fact is that this game is one hell of an FPS. Incredible graphics, amazing character animation, deep storyline, real atmosphere and pixel-perfect shooting mean that this one title may just blow your mind as well as your wallet. Another PS3 exclusive, I predict Killzone 2 will be the biggest selling of them all, which is a risky bet given the massive appeal of the games we've detailed above.

Honourable mentions go to the other games that will hit this year in retail and PS Store form; Tekken 6, SOCOM: Confrontation, Madden 09, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Everyday Shooter and Wipeout HD to name but a few. And we've ignored the possible release of those other exclusives - Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII - because we just don't believe they'll make it onto shelves this year.

And don't forget the additional hardware and PSP interactivity that is due. Soon you'll be able to buy PlayTV in Europe and add a twin-tuner Freeview PVR to the list of incredible things you can do with a PS3, and view live TV or your recorded programmes via Remote Play. There's so much more to come from the PS3 this year and much of it will be delivered, free of charge, via firmware updates and the PS Store.

Simply put, the Year of the Rat will be the best one yet for Sony. The Dog can learn new tricks, it seems.

Check out the gallery below for various screenshots and wallpapers...

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Friday, 7 December 2007

US PS Store updates for 6th December

Wow. What a difference a region makes.

Fipping over to the US store is like a revelation some days. There's new games to play (PS3 and PS1), new add-ons to buy and even a multiplayer demo. If you couldn't watch the GTA: IV trailer due to internet meltdown yesterday, they've even put that up for you.

I didn't realise that by living in Europe I'd be missing out on so much. Maybe I should move to the States.

Here's the list for all you lucky US PS3 owners:

  • High Velocity Bowling - game ($9.99)
  • Wild Arms - PS1 game ($5.99)
  • GTA IV "Move up, ladies" - trailer (free)
  • Timeshift Multiplayer - demo (free)
  • "Falfer Domino" - Motorstorm add-on ($0.99)
  • Folklore - add-on 1 ($3.99)
  • Folklore - add-on 2 ($3.99)
  • Folklore - add-on bundle 1 ($5.99)
  • Rock Band "Black Sabbath" - pack 1 ($5.49) (Also available, the individual tracks "N.I.B", "Sweet Leaf" and "War Pigs" - all at $1.99)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS 2007 - trailer (free)
  • Uncharted "Environments" - video (free)
  • Timeshift "FPS Video 3" - video (free)
  • Turok interview - trailer 1 (free)
  • Battlefield "Frostbite" - video (free)
  • The Legend of Zorro - Blu-Ray trailer (free)
  • Uncharted - theme (free)
  • Ratchet & Clank - theme (free)

Enjoy your update US of A... we're jealous. Here - we'll let you download the Kane & Lynch demo you didn't get in case it helps redress the balance. It doesn't, but we can pretend it makes a difference...

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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Remember: today is GTA: IV trailer day

Just a quick reminder for everyone.

Today is the day you'll get to see the next GTA: IV trailer. UK viewers can expect to help the internet crash at 8 p.m.

You can read more about the forthcoming video and see the box art for the game revealed by clicking the link.

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Thursday, 29 November 2007

New GTA: IV trailer coming, and box art unveiled

There's a new GTA: IV trailer on the way soon entitled "Move Up, Ladies".

To announce the forthcoming trailer, Rockstar have provided a neat video unveiling the official box art for the title, which is due to hit our PS3s around March to May next year.

The clever time-lapse video shows some deeply talented artists creating the box in front of you very eyes. Check it out!

You can catch the trailer on the 6th December at 15:00 EST (20:00 UK time), although the reality of the situation will be that you won't actually see it until the next day as it will melt the interweb, just like the other two!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

GTA IV to feature 16-way multiplayer

According to details given by Rockstar Games at the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event in Toronto, GTA IV will feature a multiplayer mode that allows 16 people to frag, slice and dice their way across Liberty City.

There aren't many other details available but people are already talking about how they'll handle the 'map' problem. Do you reveal it, piece by piece, as the game goes on or unlock the entire city from the start?

Personally I wonder if they'll go with a separate multi-player menu that kicks you into pre-determined maps (since 16 players across the entire map would be daft - you'd find it hard to actually find anyone else), or if they go with the old multiplayer icon that then 'ring fences' that immediate area for the players.

If they did the latter, you could still have the 'revealing map' process since only people who have played the single player mode could get to the better multi-player maps - a reward system if you like.

Thanks to Digg user MAKJohn for shouting this story to me. Remember, if you subscribe to the PS3 Attitude RSS feed using the link on the left sidebar, you'll get access to our Diggs too.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

GTA IV coming to PS3 in October?

Could GTA IV be the center of the big October 12th announcement we discussed yesterday?

Everyone is assuming that the 'big bang' announcement from Sony will be based around a 40Gb PS3, and I have no reason to think any different. Well, I had no reason.

After a tip from N4G yesterday I did some digging around. Rather than just accept the link, I followed the links through for myself from the official PlayStation homepage and it does appear that SCEE know something we don't.

If you browse the PS3 games list, it says "Grand Theft Auto IV is now finally on the horizon" and if you look at the GTA IV game page the release date is October 2007.

So, I tried to check what the PS3 games pages looked like in the past using the Wayback Machine. That didn't help, as the GTA IV page isn't indexed yet.

Rockstar have said GTA IV won't come along until 2008. It hit their share price massively when they announced that news. But there is a school of thought that says they had issues getting it onto the Xbox 360 because they just don't have the storage capacity they need without Blu-ray. With Halo 3 doing so well, maybe Sony have stepped in to provide some assistance (monetary and otherwise) to get the product out the door before Christmas.

The jury is therefore out on whether this is a mistake (the official website is rife with release date errors, after all) or a real deal. Personally, I think it's a red herring.

Regardless, I guess that October 12th announcement can't come soon enough. Only then will We Know The Truth.

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Monday, 6 August 2007

Upcoming PS3 releases for 2007

To help illustrate just how much there is to look forward to I thought I'd dig around and pull out some of the forthcoming joyfulness that will hit the PS3 before the end of the year (in alphabetical order):

Army of Two
Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty 4
Eye of Judgement (and the PS Eye in general)
Guitar Hero III
Heavenly Sword
Juiced 2
Kane & Lynch
PlayStation Home
Ratchet and Clank Future
Rock Band
Tiger Woods, Madden and FIFA 08
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Unreal Tournament 3

Kind of makes the delayed GTA: IV seem like a bit more of a non-issue, don't you think?

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My take on the GTA: IV delay

Apart from getting some well-needed R&R, there's another reason I wanted to hold back before reporting about the whole GTA: IV delay story.

Everyone and his dog reported the delay and of course the internet went wild with rumours that the PS3/Xbox was at fault. The PS3 is too difficult to develop for. The game won't fit on an Xbox 360 DVD. Things always have to be someone's fault you see... it couldn't possibly be that Rockstar just want to make sure the game doesn't suck on release, could it?

Imagine, if you will, the game coming out in October and crashing every ten minutes. Or the graphics aren't what was expected. Or the glitches coming thick and fast. What would everyone say to Rockstar then?

I appreciate it was a hard decision for them to push the release date past their current financial year end and therefore take a profit hit and subsequent pasting from the stock markets, but if the product needed polishing and improving before release, we should all be happy they took that decision rather than release something that is not finished for the sake of the markets.

What's nice to see is that after GTA: IV Rockstar will basically be focussing on the PS3 exclusively for a while with LA Noire, a new as-yet-untitled PS3 game and (according to one podcast) Read Dead Revolver 2.

As usual, everyone needs to calm down and stop pointing the finger solely at the PS3. Look at what's already to come this year - we're gonna have a job earning enough money to buy all the expected AAA titles, so in fact this could work out very well in favour of the other awesome games that hit before Christmas.

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Sunday, 29 July 2007

After losing out on GTA IV, Rockstar bring a PS3 exclusive

We all know by now that (probably) due to large amounts of cash changing hands, the Xbox 360 will be getting exclusive episodic content for GTA IV. Oh well. At least we're still getting a decent 'special edition' pack...

To help take the sting away, Rockstar and Sony have announced a new exclusive for the PS3.

And it's not LA Noire!

No other details have become available yet, unless you count this 'spoof' announcement, so we'll be keeping a close eye on what might be coming along in the future. For now, here's what Jack Tretton had to say about the deal:

"Everyone knows to have success in this business you need to look ahead, identifying the talent and titles that are going to give consumers new kinds of gaming experiences that help set the bar for the rest of the industry. Rockstar has a heritage for doing just that. We have had incredible success with the GTA franchise and are happy to continue to offer those titles on our platforms, and even more excited about what's to come from the current and future relationship between our companies. Rockstar really wanted to make a game that you can truly only do on PS3, harnessing the power of CELL and Blu-ray disc and this deal lets them do just that. This is really a win-win situation for both companies."

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Saturday, 14 July 2007

E3 2007: 60 fps; now that's a 'quick draw'!

1875. In a small town called Santa Monica the Rapp Saloon saw it's fair share of Wild West action.

132 years later the 'big guns' of the gaming industry took their fight to town. Or so you would think based on all the 'Sony won E3', 'MS won E3' and 'Nintendo won E3' threads that pepper the 'net today.

E3 2007 is now over. And just to make things clear, I've seen all three major keynote speeches (before anyone says I can't be objective!).

I'll be honest, there's only one clear winner - us. Regardless of whether you're a 'fanboy' or someone who buys every console, or even someone just in-between, there's something for everyone.

I already covered the Sony keynote in detail and followed up with my thoughts on why Sony did a fantastic job. I think MS spent too much time talking 'figures', which is what they do best anyway, but we all need to remember they had a year of selling over PS3 and Wii so it's no great surprise they've outsold everyone to date. Nintendo had some fun stuff but personally I still see the Wii as more of a last-gen toy than a next-gen gaming or entertainment centre.

Here's a complete wrap-up of my thoughts about Sony's E3 and what it means for everyone who owns a PS3.

First of all, we need more games for our beloved black monolith. And Sony came with new games. Over the next 'financial year' we're going to see literally hundreds of releases on both Blu-ray disk and via the Playstation Store (that's before March 2008).

PS Store downloads will include the likes of Warhawk (also available on BD), Socom, Wipeout HD and Pain. The new puzzler Echochrome will have user-generated content (but no-one can say what or how yet). We know that via the Store you'll get more and more additional content for your existing games, extending their life and adding new features. We've already had additional game modes for Motorstorm but look out for new tracks and extra levels over the next month or so.

New games coming along this Summer, Autumn and Winter include Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, Haze, Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, Killzone 2, Lair, Eye of Judgement, Skate, GTA: IV and Unreal Tournament III to name just a few. 100s of titles before March next year, 15 of them exclusive to the platform.

Secondly, we needed to see improvements to the Playstation network experience. When I first saw Home at GDC I was blown away. But I wasn't prepared for the vast improvements already when Phil Harrison took the stage at E3 2007.

Now, not only do we get the single best 'network' experience available on any platform, we get to interact with it via our PCs and mobile phones. Thanks goodness I only buy Sony Ericsson phones! And we get to launch games from BD or our hard drives directly from within Home with our friends around the world. The entire Home exprience looks so compelling, and it's still free. No monthly subscriptions for us PS3 owners...

When they do launch video-on-demand for the PS3 and PSP, we'll have everything covered.

Finally, we wanted to see that the pre-rendered 'target renders' we saw at E3 2006 were actually achievable.

And we did. Oh boy, we did.

Killzone 2 looks just incredible. I wasn't a huge fan of the original Killzone - it never really grabbed me. Killzone Liberation on the PSP has been one of the outstanding titles for our mobile brother and that has kept me interested in the Killzone brand since the original PS2 game. Now it looks like the PS3 has yet another stand-out title that will shift units worldwide, and I can't wait to waste some Helghast scum!

And Metal Gear Solid 4? The latest trailer showed that the PS3 is capable of producing, in realtime, the kind of cinematic content that ensure you really feel part of the action. I'll be looking out for that demonstration in Tokyo next week...

There were issues at E3, of course. Assassin's Creed didn't look like it was close to finished by all reports - too many glitches. Some people say that's because they felt pressured to get the demo up regardless, but the issues did create a little extra pressure for the PR machine.

And then there's the whole $100 price drop/60Gb phase out thing. It's all over the 'net as you'd expect and Sony's execs seemed to be tripping up over each other to state and counter-state differing points of view.

But here's the deal. Personally, I could care less about the 80Gb model. I already have a PS3. I can upgrade the hard drive in my PS3 to 160Gb tomorrow for £50 and it will take me 5 minutes. Anyone who is buying a new PS3 may as well have the new one with the larger hard drive, but it they want to buy the smaller one and add in a new hard drive, they can.

That's because Sony made the hard drive a standard SATA unit so it's easy to upgrade. Try doing that in any other console right now.

And the 80Gb version isn't coming to Europe/UK anyway right now. Hate to be all UK-biased, but that means I really couldn't care less about the new SKU!!

There you have it. A brilliant E3 for all of us whether you own a PS3 or any of the other units. I believe that Sony really did bring everything we needed to see from them and more. Don't expect to see a Wild West undertaker coming out of his store to measure Sony up for a box any time soon...

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Friday, 13 July 2007

Want to feature in GTA: IV?

Rockstar are giving you the chance to feature on WKTT Radio, on of the many stations being featured in GTA: IV.

A new WKTT Radio website let's you phone in and have a rant about the state of the 'war on terror'! Head over to read the full terms and conditions before you call in and stake your place in gaming history...

You need to be over 18 and be able to dial a US phone number. If you're outside of the US don't forget to add +1 to the number on the website. If you can't dial Internationally, try downloading Skype and doing it from there using a PC and a headset...

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Sunday, 8 July 2007

GTA IV: San Andreas Edition

A GameTrailers user going by the name of 'Brotha' has recreated the GTA IV 'Looking for that special someone' trailer entirely in GTA: San Andreas.

Enjoy watching both the original and this remake to see just how far we've come...

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