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Friday, 21 September 2007

TGS 2007; Twin Peaks, sorry, Rainy Woods trailer

Whilst many people are comparing Rainy Woods to Resident Evil, Saw and other similar 'gore-fest' movies/games, I'm here to tell you where Rainy Woods really comes from.

It's clearly a complete rip-off of, sorry, I mean homage to Twin Peaks. There's a coffee loving FBI agent. There's some 'little people'. There's a room surrounded by red curtains. Have I said enough yet?

Despite the obvious David Lynch references, Rainy Woods looks like a reasonable survival horror game. The graphics don't seem as crisp, clear and visceral as Resident Evil 5 but if you like this sort of thing it should be a blast.

Of much more interest to me is the trailer for Imabikisou that I found on the Japanese PS Store. Billed as a 'sound novel', it reminds me of the Japanese classic 'small children with long hair over their faces' horrors like Ringu and Ju-On (Ring and Grudge to those not in the know). You can check out the video yourself at the Japanese PS Store or read this great preview at Eurogamer.

Check out the Rainy Woods trailer below...

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