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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Square-Enix Members site is opening; pre-register now

Square-Enix have had a Members area of their Japanese site for quite some time now. But never before have we had an English version that delivers news of their games in our native tongue.

But now that is all about to be changed.

Launching on 24th March, the new Square-Enix Members site for North America is on the way. You don't have to be in the US to register, of course, but the key difference here is that everything is in English.

No longer will you have to use the terrible Google Translation services to read the latest news on Final Fantasy XIII. I know it's fun reading stuff like...

Your avatar "at the city's forgotten" what it takes to play! In the city, people from the city to hear the latest information on the game, the big screen movie promotional screenings will be held.

...but it's not very helpful, so bringing everything to us in English is welcome.

If you pre-register now to be able to gain access immediately on 24th March, so head over to the Square-Enix Members website and get your name on the list.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

PS3 calendar and news widgets

In that wonderful part of the PS3 Attitude website we like to affectionately call 'the sidebar', you'll notice a nice new shiny widget.

The PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar is now available for you to share and embed on your own site. You can view the details against any date (dates with events are highlighted) or you can click the button to view the full-size version of the calendar.

By clicking the 'share' button you can post the calendar quickly to sites like Facebook and MySpace or copy the HTML code to embed the widget at your own blog or website.

As well as the calendar, you can embed and share the latest PS3 Attitude news, including the Digg posts we - erm - dig by clicking the 'share' button on the PS3 Attitude News widget below.


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Thursday, 24 January 2008

PS3 Attitude Mobile discontinued

We've removed the mobile version of PS3 Attitude from

But rather than leave you with no way of seeing a 'lite' version of the site, here's a great tip for you that will help you 'mobilise' any feed from any site.

Simply point your device to[feed address] and you will magically see a nice cut-down version of any RSS feed.

Want to try it right now? Go ahead and visit the Googlified PS3 Attitude feed and your mobile dreams will have come true!

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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Want more PS3 news? You're in the right place...

If you visit PS3 Attitude every day, you already know it's a great way to get the important PlayStation 3 news you crave.

But did you know that by simply subscribing to PS3 Attitude's RSS Feed you will also get the stories we 'Digg' from other websites?

Yes, its true!

Simply click 'Subscribe in a Reader' or 'Subscribe to Ps3 Attitude via email' in the left sidebar.

You can add the RSS feed to your favourite RSS reader or to your browser. Just click the link and we've got a whole page full of handy instructions and links that will connect our feed with your favourite reader.

You will then receive the news we post here plus the stories that we Digg from around the world.


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Friday, 30 November 2007

PS3 Attitude; weekly wrap-up

This week saw one of the most popular articles of the entire year when we announced the PS3 Attitude Big Three for December.

There was much talk about our choices on forums elsewhere, mostly because people didn't grasp the basic premise that the Big Three is all about the three titles you need to get that month. For some reason the internet thought we ought to add Ratchet & Clank (which came out in November and was in our Big Three last month!) and UT III (which doesn't arrive in the UK or Europe until 2008, and will definitely feature in a future Big Three).

Of course, it didn't help that some misguided soul started an internet bun-fight over The Orange Box. As we said in the Big Three, OB is just fine on the PS3. Don't believe the anti-hype!

As usual we told you about the US and European PS Store updates and the European retail releases for the week.

SingStar featured well with news of the SingStar Studios at the O2 Arena and a nice SingStar pre-order deal that comes in under £38 when you add in the bonuses. Great party games like SingStar and Buzz! really make Christmas almost bearable!

Finally, we revealed some nice Blu-ray sales and market share statistics and a super video from Rockstar that shows the unveiling of the GTA: IV box art in a unique way.

Stats for this week:

  • PS3 Attitude readers mostly use IE (43%), Firefox (41%) and the PS3 (9%) to view the site
  • 2% of our readers used the mobile version of PS3 Attitude (on both phones and the PSP)
  • We had 45,000 views of our videos at the PS3 Attitude YouTube Channel this week

Thanks to all our readers for making this site as popular as it is. If you like what you read here, don't forget to use the links at the bottom of each post to share the stories (via email, Digg etc.) and post your comments. We want to hear from you!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

PS3 Attitude Mobile; take your PS3 news with you

New features always make us happy at PS3 Attitude, and today sees the launch of PS3 Attitude Mobile.

By clicking the 'chicklet' on the left or by visiting you will now get a suitably 'light' version of the site specifically designed for mobile phones and other devices (such as the PSP).

The last 10 stories are available in summary form and you can then choose to launch through to the full HTML version if you're suitably interested.


If you're reading this on a mobile platform, why not click the chicklet now?

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Thursday, 11 October 2007

PS3 Attitude; new Digg summary

We love new features here at PS3 Attitude. There's a whole slew of them coming, and so let's begin with the first of a long line of updates and upgrades to your PS3 news portal.

When you subscribe to the PS3 Attitude RSS feed, you will now get a Digg Summary.

'What's that when it's at home?' I hear you cry.

Every time we Digg a story that already exists or if we submit a story to Digg, RSS feed subscribers will get a exclusive Digg summary post that explains what we've just dugg.

You can then click over and Digg it for yourself, helping other Digg users find the story as it becomes more popular. And we'll be digging other people's PS3 news as well as our own, so you'll gain access to a raft of extra information (plus the very occasional 'off topic' tidbit).

You can also add yourself to our Digg Friends list by visiting our profile page and choosing 'Add as a friend'. Once you are a friend of ours (and if you allow 'shouts'), you'll get exclusive first access to news and the odd extra 'shout' we might throw out.

Just use the 'Subscribe in a reader' link below or in the left sidebar to add our RSS feed to your favourite reader to enjoy this new feature. See you on Digg...

Subscribe in a reader

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