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Friday, 11 January 2008

GameFlirt Most Wanted Chart for January

Exclusive to PS3 Attitude, we'll be bringing you the 'most wanted' PS3 charts at GameFlirt

GameFlirt are one of the UK's top games rental companies, and you won't find this information anywhere else.

Like the often seen Netflix charts for US movie titles, it's a great indicator of what's hot in the PS3 community.

Top 4 current rentals year-to-date:

1 - Call of Duty 4
2 - Assassin's Creed
3 - Rainbow Six Vegas
4 - Virtua Tennis

Top 4 pre-ordered games for January:

1 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
2 - Devil May Cry 4
3 - Haze
4 - Unreal Tournament III

It's no great surprise to see MGS4 and DMC4 at the top of the pre-order chart, but it sure is interesting to see Haze above Unreal Tournament III. Is this because the game is already released in the US and we already know so much about it? Maybe the promise of something new and slightly mysterious is stronger than the pull from a game we already know, warts and all...

Many thanks to GameFlirt for providing the data - look out for next month's chart as we start rolling into a steadier stream of PS3 releases.

Click any of the links to visit GameFlirt for more details.

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

US PS Store updates for 10th January

As far as the US update is concerned, it's a case of catching up with Europe for once.

The Kane & Lynch demo, Super Stardust HD update and Folklore add-ons have all been available in Europe for some time. Having sai that, the US still excels at NFS: Pro Street and Rock Band add-ons.

Here's the full list in handy 'cut-out-and-keep' form*:

PS1 Games

Crash Bandicoot 2 ($5.99)

Demos (all free)

Kane & Lynch
Super Stardust HD (demo plus update; free if owned or $9.99 to buy)


'The Alchemist' - Folklore ($3.99)
'The Origin of Belgae' - Folklore ($3.99)
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - NFS: Pro Street ($2.99)
McLaren F1 - NFS: Pro Street ($2.99)
Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) - Rock Band ($1.99)
Die, All Right! (The Hives) - Rock Band ($1.99)
Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden) - Rock Band ($1.99)


Burnout Paradise 'Guns N’ Roses' Trailer

Movie and Blu-Ray Trailers

First Sunday
Spiderwick Chronicles (Trailer 2)


PAIN (x 2)

*(PS3 Attitude is not responsible for any damage to your screen if you decide to take a pair of scissors to it)

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European PS Store updates for 10th January

Unfortunately no Riff: Everyday Shooter as we might have expected, but we're sure it is just around the corner.

However, if you like PS1 games and add-ons Europe is the place to be.

The Motorstorm track pack we revealed arrived on time and there's a free Folk for you as well.

Here's the list in our handy new 2008 format:

PS1 Games

Hardcore 4x4 (£3.49)
N2O (£3.49)


'Pigly Pack' - Folklore (Free)
Track Pack - Motorstorm (£3.49)

Trailers (all free)

Bionic Commando
PixelJunk Monsters
DMC 4 - TGS 2007 No. 2

Wallpapers (all free)

DMC 4 (4 wallpapers)

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Ubisoft to distribute Soulcalibur IV in PAL territories

Ubisoft have just announced that they will be distributing Soulcalibur IV across PAL territories for the PS3 and Xbox 360. They will also be picking up Soulcalibre Legends for the Wii.

In the official press release Ubisoft confirm what I feared would happen - the bonus characters will be console-specific. Darth Vader is to appear on the PS3, with Yoda exclusive to the X360.

That means we get to represent the Dark Side. Quite apt for the PS3, but I would have loved to have played Yoda as well.

SC IV will appear on shelves this Summer.

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CES '08 Soul Calibur IV trailer, complete with Yoda and Darth Vader!

Marvel at the first video showing Darth Vader and Yoda in Soul Calibur IV.

The latest in the great beat-em-up series will continue the trend of bizarre unlockable characters by allowing you to play as either of these two seminal Star Wars favourites.

Hopefully Namco won't play around this time and only include certain bonus characters on each platform. I never did get to play as Link on the PS2...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New Motorstorm tracks; here are the screenshots

We were quite pleased to beat most people to the punch in announcing the two new tracks for Motorstorm. I think we were even quicker than ThreeSpeech for once!

So it's good to see our friends over there release a bunch of screenshots of the track, due out tomorrow on the PS Store.

We've collected them all together in a PS3 Attitude Photo Gallery below. Download them for your PS3* by hovering over the 'person' icon in the bottom-left corner and clicking through.

*(other supercomputers are available)

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[UPDATE] Riff: Everyday Shooter on the EU PS Store tomorrow?

Judging from the two reviews of Riff: Everyday Shooter that have launched today (not sure why they added the 'Riff:' on it's trip over the Atlantic) I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest it is finally going to appear on the UK and EU PS Store.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. But definitely soon.

In the meantime, you can find out what Videogamer thought of Jonathan Mak's wonderful creation and why Eurogamer think it deserves one point less than them.

Riff: Everyday Shooter will appear soon (probably tomorrow) on our local PS Store, and we expect it to ship for just £4.99.

[UPDATE] It still didn't arrive, but that's OK because we now know when Riff: Everyday Shooter will finally appear...

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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

LittleBigPlanet CES '08 demonstration

Here's the latest demonstration of LittleBigPlanet, direct from the CES '08 show.

Latest indications suggest there will be a public beta before too long with a release in the Autumn. Although many people are stating a September release, we've learnt that this isn't set in stone and 'Autumn' is as accurate as it gets for now. Enjoy the demo!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Improvement to our Digg RSS feature

If you are one of our RSS subscribers, you'll know that as well as the news we publish you also get access to anything PS3-related that we 'digg'.

But you'll have also noticed that any stories that came from PS3 Attitude and that appear on Digg as well feature twice in your RSS feed.

We've fixed that now. Whenever we Digg a story from now on it will only feature if it came from someone else's website to save you having to read it twice!

If you haven't subscribed to our feed, just use one of the links on the left. You can subscribe using an RSS reader (or the latest browsers) or via email.

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Motorstorm gains two more tracks

Get ready for even more Motorstorm madness!

This week the PS Store will see another great Motostorm update, further extending the appeal of this seminal PS3 title.

The expansion offers up two new tracks - Diamondback Speedway and Eagle's Nest.

Eagle's Nest originally came to out attention during E3 in 2007 when it was revealed during the PSN section of Sony's leynote speech. This track promises a tightly fought race on narrow and precarious cliff-edges.

Diamondback Speedway puts you in a natural ampitheatre for some good ol' fashioned banked speedway racing.

Look out for both tracks this week on the PS Store. More details as we get them...

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